The Key To Flawless Makeup Application

August 15, 2014
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When it comes to perfecting your makeup look, having the right tools is imperative. We put so much thought into the actual cosmetic products that we often forget how we’re going to apply them. Simply put, brushes can make or break the entire makeup application process.

Just like how hairbrushes are specifically engineered to detangle hair, makeup brushes are designed to sweep makeup along the curves of our faces evenly and with precision for a flawless look. It’s not a matter of having hundreds of different brushes but simply a few key ones, that when used appropriately can really enhance your facial features.

So what are the essential makeup brushes you need for flawless application?

Powder brush

A powder brush is used to apply loose or pressed powder and bronzer. A relatively large brush with soft bristles is ideal for picking up the perfect amount of powder, for even application onto the face, to create a natural glow.

TIP: Swirl, buff or swipe across the desired area to create a sheer and even application. 

Cheek brush

When blush is applied incorrectly or too heavily, you lose that subtle flushed look. With the correct cheek brush you’ll be able to deposit cheek colour without streaks or harsh lines.

TIP: Gently tap the brush to dust off excess powder before applying to the face – rather apply more after than go too heavy all at once. 

Foundation brush

The perfect liquid foundation brush will allow for easy application, reduce product wastage and leave you with flawless-looking, dewy skin.

TIP: Try using the tip of the brush to apply a small amount of product to desired areas and then hold the brush at a 45 degree angle while blending.

Shading brush

A great shading brush is a must-have due to its versatility. Use it to highlight the brow bone area or use the brush to apply eye shadow along the eye creases to create depth.

TIP: The key to perfecting the eye shadow look is to blend. Blend the edges of the colours so that the shades transition seamlessly.

Slant Brush

An effective slant brush can be used to fill in eyebrows or to apply eye liner to the lash line. It can create thick or thin lines and will help with accuracy.

TIP: If using this as an eye liner brush, apply dark eye shadow as close as possible to the lash line and if desired, wet the brush for more intensity.

We recommend: Arbonne Cosmetics Brush Set, $47

Arbonne’s newly designed Cosmetics Brush Set features six must-have brush basics for face, cheeks and eyes, all of which are artfully designed and engineered to help you create natural, everyday makeup looks with ease.  Recreated with luxurious, soft angled bristles that are non-animal derived and with natural non-toxic wood handles, these brushes glide delicately against the skin to smooth out product for flawless-looking application.

makeup, beauty products, skincare, beauty, makeup products, Arbonne Cosmetics, cosmetics

Set includes:

  • Powder brush
  • Cheek brush
  • Liquid foundation brush
  • All-over eye brush
  • Shading brush
  • Slant brush

All Arbonne products can be purchased through Arbonne’s extensive network of Independent Consultants, 1800 650 760 or online at www.arbonneinternational.com.au

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