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How To Kick Bad Eating Habits

How To Kick Bad Eating Habits

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We all have them every once in a while, but is there any way to kick bad eating habits without going cold turkey? Eating late at night is unhealthy since the body has to work twice as hard to digest food as we sleep, but also contributes to poor sleep or even sleep apnea. Adhering to a night-time routine is the best way to stop snacking on junk food, and will lead you to greater overall health.

Have a goal

Think about the type of body you would ideally like to have, and work backwards from there. Keeping a certain item of clothing will help set into your mind that the end is in sight, and snacking on unhealthy food won’t help the situation in the future. Focus on longterm goals, rather than craving something fatty in the meantime.

Keep a food diary

A food diary is a great way to see how much food you are eating on a daily or weekly basis. Keep a short journal of what you have eaten for each meal, including snacks and be sure to review this every week. This will help to prevent unhealthy snacking or missing meals altogether. Helpful for those who constantly skip meals or don’t have a solid eating plan.

No eating after 7pm

Planning on snacking or having dinner consistently after 7pm? Think again. Try to have dinner earlier so the body can digest food with ease. Drinks such as water and tea are great for helping the body to digest food throughout the evening, and could deter any cravings for sweets at night.

Brush your teeth

This tip may not work for everyone, but brushing your teeth earlier in the evening will help to prevent snacking on food later on. You will be less likely to part with the ‘clean mouth’ feeling, and could try green or chamomile tea as a nightly routine instead to relax and prepare yourself for bedtime.

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By Felicia Sapountzis

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