Know Your Blooms: Flowers For Every Occasion

September 6, 2014
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We’re often spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing the correct flowers for a wedding, engagement or even a hospital visit – until now! Below are the types of flowers you should (and should not) bring for almost every occasion.


In regards to wedding flowers – everything goes! Although depending on the seasons, it’s always a good idea to choose pale and often delicate flowers in the warmer months and rich roses for the autumn/winter months. Calla lillies, magnolias and red roses are very popular choices.


Something bright and colourful is always a great way to grab someones attention for their birthday. Perhaps choose their favourite flower in a vibrant colour which will no doubt boost their mood.


You can always get a little creative for an anniversary and choose a basket incorporating flowers, a bottle of wine and their favourite fruits and chocolates. Seasonal flowers are your best option, but red roses are also a classic token of appreciation.


Sending a bouquet of flowers to a friend can always be tricky, but yellow roses are perfect for this occasion.

Valentines Day

You can’t go wrong with a bouquet of red long-stem roses on Valentines Day, or if you want to remain less cliche you can try an assortment of white and yellow.

Mothers Day

White carnations are widely used as a Mothers Day gift since they represent affection,love, care and the virtues of motherhood.

New born

Regardless of the type of flower you can use, it’s always best to gift bright coloured flowers to someone who has just had a child. Pink and blue are also really popular if you want to get creative after finding out the sex of the baby.


The best kinds of flowers to indicate your condolences are gladiolas, white carnations and even daises. They provide a touching tribute of sympathy, love, admiration and remembrance to a loved one which as passed.

Get well soon

For someone who has just been through surgery or is recovering from an illness, flowers such as lilies, carnations and freesias in red and white are extremely popular. These are also really easy to maintain.


Graduating from university or high school calls for lilies in vibrant colours – especially red, yellow and blue.

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