Kourtney Is Hooking Up With Justin And It’s Awesome

December 16, 2015

One small step for Biebs, one giant leap for feminism.

Okay, so we couldn’t quite believe it either, but it’s definitely happening. Justin Bieber, everyone’s fave (or least fave) troubled post-adolescent celeb is reportedly hooking up with reality star Kourtney Kardashian.

From late night hotel sightings to movie dates, to the American Music Awards after-party, the two haven’t exactly been backward in coming forward about their alleged ‘friends with benefits’ sitch.

The alleged tryst between Kourtney, 36, and Justin, 21, has been going on for months, and although it’s apparently nothing serious, the unlikely pair are having a lot of fun. Okay, so there may be some awkward factor on account of the fact Biebs has babysat Kourtney’s three children a couple of times, but hey, no judgement here. Biebs is a long-time friend and advocate of the Kardashian clan, so at least he can be sure he’ll get the family’s approval, right?

Or maybe not? It seems the other Kardashian sisters are a little bit creeped out by the pairing, with Kim telling her sis she thinks it’s “simply gross” (to be fair though, not everyone’s a Kanye fan) and Kendall has told her outright the union is “bizarre”, and that she doesn’t understand the attraction.

To throw another spanner in the works, Kourtney’s ex, Scott Disick, is upset by the union and has labelled it “immature”. After their split in February, The Lord been doing everything in his power to prove he has turned over a new leaf. He’s vehement his bad boy days are over (that’s what they all say), so he feels the fact she’s been shacking up with another bad boy is a bit of a slap in the face.

Kourt and Biebs fooling around on Instagram.
Kourt and Biebs fooling around on Instagram.

While it’s all fun and games at the moment, you’ve got to wonder when all of the feels will come into play, for both of them. It’s no secret Kourtney is a bit, erm, embarrassed by the publicity the relationship is getting, which might have a little something to do with the 15 year age gap.

But what’s the big deal about the age gap anyway? The only reason people are making such a right kerfuffle out if it is because Kourtney is the elder of the two. If the tables were turned, nobody would bat an eyelid. In fact, Kourt would be congratulated on finding such a nice, sensible, older man.

I say screw that. If Kourtney Kardashian, reality star, style icon, mother-of-three and entrepreneurial alpha-female wants to fool around with a guy 15 years her junior, awesome. The fact she’s embarrassed for following her heart (or loins) is an issue in itself, and we should stop shaming her for it immediately.

Speaking as a woman who sometimes likes to dally with guys five or six years younger, there is nothing, I repeat, nothing wrong with a woman being the elder in a relationship. This is 2015; can we please finally get past the 1950s?! To Kourtney and Biebs; go right on ahead and enjoy. Whether you know it or not, you’re both uber feminists. Kudos!

Comment: What do you think of Kourt and Justin’s new relationship?


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