Kylie Jenner’s Selfie Station Proves That We’re All Narcissists

November 29, 2015

Lights, camera, selfie.

Just when we thought we had finally nailed the right light and angle for the perfect selfie, Kylie Jenner comes along and shows us how it’s really done. The 18 year-old recently showed a camera crew around her fave part of the house: the glam room where her 18 step makeup process takes place.

We’d expect all kinds of enviable things in a glam room, such as a huge walk-in wardrobe filled with designer clothes and a makeup corner that rivals every Sephora, however, we didn’t expect a selfie station.

Kylie’s selfie station isn’t just a tripod, it’s a ring light framed mirror with a smartphone holder in the center. Simple and genius at the same time.

Queen Kylie’s selfie station.

“This is my fave light ever….You can put the timer on, really set it up, and take your selfie,” says Kylie.

Now we know the secret to her flawless skin in all of her selfies – never underestimate the power of the right lighting.

While part of us wants to add a selfie station to our Christmas wish list, on second thought it is quite disturbing that we feel the need to repeatedly take photos of ourselves.

Think about it, we are the first generation that will have thousands of photos of ourselves documenting every life event, no matter how insignificant it may have been. Instead of just telling our grandchildren about “the good old days”, we will be able to show them what these days looked like, and more than that, what we looked like from the perspective of a phone camera held very close to our faces, at just the right slimming angle, with a few hundred filters thrown in.

There are over 229,000,000 pictures hashtagged ‘selfie’ on Instagram alone and according to a UK study, the average person aged 16-25 spends up to five hours a week taking selfies. Are we turning into serious narcissists? Why else would we enjoy looking at our ourselves for hours? The difference to self-obsessed people from the pre-selfie era is that looking at ourselves is no longer good enough, we want other people to look at us as well, which is why we share our selfies on social media hoping that other people like them and comment on them telling us what we want to hear, namely how pretty we are.

Selfie mirrors aren’t just reserved for the Jenner fam, if you’ve got the cash to splash, you can buy your very own online.

Judging by the amount of selfies shared, one might think that we are the most self-confident generation of all time. But if you dig deeper, it’s actually quite the contrary. The selfies that make it onto social media are the result of what we consider to be the perfect light, angle, background, and styling to make us look our best. The fact that we took 25 selfies that we hate to end up with one that we like is therefore more proof of our self-consciousness than confidence. In other words, we only like what we see as long as we are 100 per cent in control of our appearance (and filter).

As disturbing as the selfie trend is, it seems it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Who knows? We might all have selfie stations in our homes in the future, just like Kylie, or we might even take it a step further and opt for a selfie mirror, which is basically a giant touch screen with inbuilt camera, light, and speakers.

A recent Boston survey found that the average millennial will take up to 25,700 selfies in their lifetime. I think it’s safe to say we have a selfie-problem.

Images via glamour.com, selfiemirror.me

Comment: Do you think our obsession with selfies is getting out of control?

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