Kylie Minogue Breaks Down Over Her 5 Year Cancer Battle

March 7, 2011

Kylie Minogue Breaks Down Over Her 5 Year Cancer Battle

Watch Kylie’s emotional interview here.

Kylie Minogue has given her most emotional interview to date, unexpectedly breaking down while discussing her five year battle with cancer.

Speaking with old friend Molly Meldrum on Channel 7’s Sunday Night program last night, Kylie was forced to stop the interview after an emotional story brought her to tears.

The singer recounted the story of meeting a young girl stricken with cancer in a children’s hospital.

“I was talking to some parents across the other side of a bed and their child was there. I was saying the things that I would normally say in that situation, just making conversation with the child, with the parents, giving them some support as well. And then, they really caught me off guard, they just eyeballed me and said, “How are you, and we hope you get through it” and it’s like…”

The 42 year-old struggled to find the words and tried to shield her face, before apologising and dashing into another room to recover.

After returning to the room and asking the cameras to “keep rolling” she explained to a concerned Molly: “the reason that that gets me is, and the greatest part of my job and what I do is the humanity of it, and there’s certain moments where that really cuts through.”

Kylie was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2005 and last week celebrated five years of being given the all clear.

While her fans applauded the positive way she dealt with the disease, Kylie admits it was much harder than she made it seem. “You might have seen the bravery. I don’t think the public saw…well, I stayed indoors. My family got me through really rotten, dark moments.”

As for the question of will she or won’t she have kids with boyfriend Andreas Velencoso, 32 (give the woman a break!) Kylie answered with typical grace.

“Andres is a natural with children. We will just have to see but I’m not sure if that will be part of my future.

‘There’s more than one way to skin a cat. It’s important for women to know there are other options available, whatever means you have to use to have a family, if that’s your desire go for it.”

Congratulations to Kyle on her 5 year anniversary of being clear of cancer!

Watch Kylie’s emotional interview here.

Image: Channel 7

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