Kylie Minogue: Family matters

March 23, 2004

Kylie Minogue: Family matters

Happily ever after?
Kylie spoke candidly on her dreams of settling down when interviewed by Michael Parkinson recently. The 35-year-old pop singer said becoming a mum would be “the best thing I’ve ever done”, but was concerned that she might have left her run too late. Kylie’s parents, Ron and Carol, have been happily married for 37 years, something the singer both admires, and envies “They’re just the best example for me. And it slightly pains me to think that I will never have that, my chance for that has already gone.” Here’s hoping you get what you wish for Kyles.

Not unfaithful?
Billy Bob says he didn’t cheat
Billy Bob Thornton swears he didn’t cheat on Angelina Jolie. Apparently there is no substance to the claims of infidelity that have been cited as the cause of their breakup. He told GQ magazine that “that was the rumor but that was never it.” The couple were known internationally for their outrageous expressions of affection which stretched from mutual tattoos to his and hers vials of blood. Thornton says the marriage broke down because of conflict over the ways they wanted to live their lives. Billy Bob revealed that he prefers a quiet, stay at home kinda life, whereas Jolie travels frequently, especially with her role as UN ambassador. It seems the pair were both traumatised by the break up, with Angelina reporting last year that she would never marry again.

Kate falls for Jim
Winslet in kitchen sink drama with Carrey
Titanic star Kate Winslet has fainted at the sight of fellow actor Jim Carrey! Winslet was filming a scene with the rubber-faced funny man in her new film, bizarrely titled, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind when she felt faint. The scene, filmed in an oversized kitchen sink became so hot after three hours of non-stop filming, that the actress began to feel lightheaded and soon swooned. “I had a bit of a momentary blackout, which was quite funny in hindsight,” she told reporters recently in Los Angeles. The quirky film centres are around Carrey, who plays Joel, an uptight, jilted lover trying to have flaky ex-girlfriend Clementine (Winslet) erased from his memory.

Gorgeous George
George ‘too good to be true’ Clooney
George Clooney will reportedly earn an astonishing 54 million dollars for Ocean’s 12, the sequel to, you guessed it, Ocean’s 11. But rumour has it, he’ll only keep a cool 18 mill. The rest will be used to fund his next film project the controversial Syrina, based on a book called See No Evil. The book is a memoir of former CIA officer Robert Bauer who claims that meddling by White House and Pentagon pen pushers sealed the fates of the thousands who died in the 9/11 tragedy in September 2001. How can George, the gorgeous humanitarian and talented actor still be single??


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