Book Review – Kylie:Naked

June 11, 2002

Kylie Minogue ? girl next door, diminutive pop starlet, sultry songstress, disco diva. The chameleon queen of reinvention has clocked up a massive 28 Top 20 hits including 6 number No 1’s in a recording career that spans three decades. More than impressive considering the volatile nature of the world’s music industry and the fickle tastes of the music buying public.Kylie:Naked, the recently published biography of Ms Minogue, delves deep into the life and times of this inimitable pop princess, revealing her to be anything but impossible. Biographer Nigel Goodall, who in the past has authored tomes on Winona Ryder and George Michael, portrays a determined, business-minded but essentially private person living her dream.

Her highly publicised romances are dissected, though with an admirable sensitivity, particularly her relationship with the tragically departed INXS front man Michael Hutchence. Kylie:Naked maps her high-profile path to fame from the perpetual spring-board that is Neighbours through her manufactured perma-grin pop years with SAW, to more recent times and her international, multi-platinum chart topping successes.

Kylie:Naked strips back the layers of glitter and gloss and gets to the core of Kylie revealing her thoughts on men, love, acting and music. A compelling read for any self-respecting fan, this frank and thoughtful account will really put her detractors back in their box.

Buy a copy of Kylie:Naked by Nigel Goodall and Jenny Stanley-Clarke from the SheSaid Bookshop.

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