Kylie’s holiday retreat

March 8, 2005

Kylie’s holiday retreat

Kylie Minogue has reportedly bought a pad on a tiny island off the coast of Melbourne. French Island used to hold a prison, however now it?s home to 90 other residents. The pop princess bought the home with her sister Dannii and brother Brendan, and reportedly wanted a place away from the paparazzi and crowds. According to estate agent Hendrik Boer, “The family can come and relax here and they know they will not be bothered. There are some gorgeous beachfront properties on the island, but they did not even want to look at them, probably because they didn’t want an armada of boats floating outside.” Meanwhile, reports are abounding over whether her sexy boyfriend Olivier Martinez was seen kissing actress Michelle Rodriguez outside an LA hotel. He reportedly waited ten minutes outside the Chateau Marmont hotel for Michelle, then the pair shared a lingering kiss through the window of his Aston Martin. Michelle?s response to waiting photographers: “Can’t a girl spend some time with her man alone?” According to Kylie?s sources, the couple are very happy. Her spokesman said: “Things couldn’t be better between them.”

Hmmm the new JLo?
Delta to be the J-Lo… to be the new Meryl Streep…?
Yep we?re confused too. Firstly, Delta Goodrem?s record label Sony Music is planning to launch her to US markets as a younger Jennifer Lopez. Sony are planning on including some more R&B and dance songs to her repertoire and the 20-year-old will have intensive dancing training before her American launch. They will also be promoting some of her older songs including Mistaken Identity and Innocent Eyes as well as some new material. Meanwhile J-Lo is hoping to be taken seriously as an actress without sacrificing her singing career. “I’ve had studio heads who believe in me say, ‘Just be an actress, you’re an incredible actress, you can be Meryl Streep,’ and I say, ‘I’ve got to be me,'” the pop princess explains to the New York Times. “I can’t stop singing so people take me seriously as an actress. I’m an actress. You either take me seriously or you don’t.” But it seems critics don?t take her seriously in any genre. The Wedding Planner and Gigli were hardly Streep worthy material and critics of her latest album have these pearlers? Lopez is “[c]ursed with a voice that’s almost entirely devoid of range, expression and character,” according to The New York Daily News. Ouch!

Will they last?
Celebrity Predictions: Delta Goodrem & Brian McFadden
The Aussie songstress and the Irish singer are going to find keeping their relationship together a very difficult task indeed. There are too many differences in their personalities and this will become more obvious as they head towards the middle of the year. Brian is the more headstrong of the two and his demands on Delta will make her think about the future of their relationship. They both have a genuine bond but unfortunately this is not the right time for them both and we will see them parting ways after mid year.
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