Lalisse Spring Clean Pack

September 10, 2004

Lalisse Spring Clean Pack

The Lalisse skin care products still use a unique blend of natural herbs and plant extracts and are designed to be gentle on your skin. The Lalisse skin care range has been formulated for oily to combination skin types, those typically associated with Acne and Pimple prone skin.

The Lalisse Acne and Pimple Oil Control Cleanser
The Lalisse Oil Control Cleanser is a quick and easy one step solution designed for those with even the most basic of skin care routines.

We all know thorough cleansing of the skin is the basis of any good skin care routine. Used daily, the Lalisse Oil Control Cleanser helps to remove dirt and oil while controlling oil build up.

The cleanser is non-aggressive and it will not dry or irritate the skin. The Lalisse Oil Control Cleanser is also water soluble and designed to leave behind no residue reducing the need for a toner and reducing the risk of further breakouts.

To round out the skin care range Lalisse has an Exfoliating Masque and an Oil-Free Moisturiser to create and easy three step skin care routine.

The Lalisse Acne and Pimple Exfoliating Masque
Used once a week, this masque encourages the body?s natural defences against irritation while improving circulation. The soothing and moisturising properties combined with its peel off action removes dead skin cells without irritating the skin. With its anti-bacterial agents and easy application it reduces manual stimulation and the chance of cross infection often associated with traditional masques and scrubs.

The Lalisse Acne and Pimple Oil-Free Moisturiser
Revolutionary in its formula, the Lalisse Moisturiser breaks down into a fine liquid to deeply hydrate the skin without blocking the pores. Used twice a day this light moisturiser has been designed to help control excess oil and reduce the risk of breakouts while calming and soothing the skin.

For more information, check out www.lalisse.com

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