Latest Baby Trend: Two First Names

August 24, 2015
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As if naming your child one name wasn’t hard enough, parents are now giving their offspring two first names!

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According to recent research by the Sunday Telegraph, more than 1200 girls born in the UK were given double-barelled names last year, five times more than the amount that was registered in 2000. What’s interesting, however, is that while boys’ names have also seen a similar trend, only 328 baby boys were given two first names in 2014.

The trend, which is thought to be influenced by celebrity mums, is a bid to make them sound unique, reports the Daily Mail, because apparently adding a hyphen to a first name adds an air of originality. While this is certainly up for debate, Lily-Rose Depp (Johnny Depp’s daughter) and Lila-Grace Moss (Kate Moss’ child) are far better ‘unique’ celebrity baby names than North West or Apple Martin.

Among popular girl names found by the Telegraph included Lily-May and Amelia-Rose, with Rose found to be the most popular name to be used in conjunction with a hyphen. American inspired variations included Dakota-Rose and Destiny-Rose.

Now, before you go in search of two names to bestow upon your child, etiquette experts warn that there’s a danger of the kid coming across as less prestigious down the track. “I think it will start to be seen as a bit downmarket,” Siobhan Freegard of parenting network, Channel Mum, told the Daily Mail.

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Regardless, a name is still no guarantee of how a child will turn out in the long term. So ladies, don’t sweat it – seriously!

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