The Best Haircut For Your Face

July 13, 2014
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Haircuts are extremely important because they frame the face, compliment bone structure and also give some body and definition to tired hair. While we’ve all experienced our fair share of bad haircuts, the key is to understand which style suits your face best. Whether it’s a short pixie cut, or long cascading curls, below are a few suggestions on how to nail your next haircut.

Round face

A rounder face is usually characterised by usually having no definition on the jawline. It is best to choose haircuts which hit below the chin, as this will also give the illusion of a pronounced jaw. Stay away from short haircuts such as pixie cuts or super-short bobs which will only make the face seem rounder.

Square face

Square faces usually have a pronounced jawline which is strong and angular. The best option to highlight this feature is to get an asymmetric cut which is shorter at the back and longer at the front. Square faces have the ability to pull off this look because of their strong jaw and cheekbones. Subtle bangs are also a great option since they frame the face in a sweet and delicate way, and bring the focus to the upper part of the face.

Oval face

One of the most common shapes, oval faces look suit almost every haircut you give them. Avoid very long and straight hair without layers, since this look will only make the face appear longer. Instead, opt for shorter and more defined layers around the chin. Before going in for a super-short cut, consider your hair texture since this may not be a realistic option to deal with on a daily basis.

Heart-shaped faces

Kylie Jenner and Reese Witherspoon have classic heart-shaped faces, which are usually defined by a pointy chin and higher cheeks. These shapes can pull off a cropped cut at the chin, which highlights the pronounced cheekbones and also draws attention to the eyes.

Long Face

Similar to the oval shape, long faces look best in almost every haircut. However, it is important to introduce shorter layers starting at the chin. This will allow the hair to hold a natural body and bounce, and will avoid making the face look long and tired. Beach-waves are amazing since they also make the face appear wider at the sides, where there is usually no definition in the cheekbones.

Image via Lipstick Alley

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