Latest trends in exercise

October 11, 2005

Latest trends in exercise

Ok we’ve sweated it out in Bikram yoga, we’ve pushed and pumped our way through pilates, we’ve even got in touch with our sexual side with Poledancing, but what is Chakradancing? Created by Sydney-born Natalie Southgate, 36, Chakradance has been hailed as ?the next Pilates?. It is a complete workout for body, mind and spirit in which freeform dance is stimulated by music structured to resonate with each in turn of the seven major chakras, or energy centres, that regulate the various layers of the human aura.

?The aim?, says Southgate, ?is to tune and balance the whole self, producing that wonderful state of calm vitality known as well being?. An immediate hit in London when Natalie first launched it in 1998, Chakradance has been taking Australia by storm since she brought it back home in 2001.

There are now over a dozen fully trained and accredited Chakradance teachers leading classes in all major cities in Australia, as well as in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Amsterdam. Sound like your thing? For more details on courses and workshops, check out www.chakradance.com.

Would you like to win a 3 hour introductory Chakra Dance lesson? Email us with your details and why you’d like to win.

Nordic Walking
What is Nordic Walking? Simply defined, Nordic Walking is walking with poles or cross-country skiing without the skis. It is a total body workout using very strong, yet lightweight flexible one-piece poles made of composite materials. The dampening qualities of composite poles successfully reduce unwanted vibrations especially on hard surfaces. This is especially important for previously inactive populations eager to reap the health benefits this easy and effective form of physical activity provides.

?If you already enjoy walking to keep fit, you are going to love Nordic Walking,? stated Hans Wrang of Nordic Walking Australia. ?Not only is this exercise ?low impact?, clinical tests* have proven you will increase your energy expenditure by as much as 46% without any extra perceived exertion. That?s 400 calories per hour, compared with 280 calories per hour for normal walking.?

Nordic Walking is fun and can be enjoyed by almost everyone – any age, any athletic ability. Nordic Walking has been a hot topic in the fitness, athletic and outdoor industries in recent years, becoming the fastest growing physical activity in Europe. Last year Nordic Walking made its debut in the U.S. and has already shown signs of gaining popularity. Because of its simplicity, Nordic Walking appeals to a wide range of individuals from the endurance athlete to the recreational enthusiast. For more information on how to get involved, check out www.nordicwalkingaustralia.com.au.

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