How To Layer Long, Thick Hair

September 19, 2014

Want to spice up your super-long and thick hair with a fresh style for fall? A few layered locks can visibly leave you looking years younger, especially with a few added highlights to frame the cheekbones. Take these pictures to the hairdresser the next time you’re in need of a change!

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Short layers

Short, wispy layers are perfect if you’re looking for some movement and texture as opposed to straight and limp hair. Add in a few chin layers at the front and back to create the illusion of body.


Long layers 

This is perfect if you want a minor change in your hair, without resorting to a style that’s too dramatic. Choose longer layers at the front for a perfect change of scenery.

How To Layer Long, Thick HairSide bangs

Shorter layers at the front will make you look like Brigitte Bardot, and create a tonne of volume at the crown and length of your hair. Make sure the bangs aren’t blunt since this will only add more weight to the top of your head.

How To Layer Long, Thick Hair

Side bangs and longer layers 

This classic look is ideal if you have naturally straight or wavy hair, since it is easy to create lots of volume at the crown of the head. Add a few highlighted strands at the front of the face, since these will catch the light and contour your face.

How To Layer Long, Thick HairChin layers 

Chin-length layers best suit women who have hair up to their shoulders or even higher. This look is inspired by the early 1960’s, and it’s super easy to create volume with almost any hairstyle.

How To Layer Long, Thick Hair

Disconnected layers 

Do you have super-thick hair and want to make it thinner and easier to manage? This is often unheard of! Many women prefer to have short layers at the front and back of the hair to create the perfect undone look. It can also take a lot of weight off of the hair, and frame the face up to the chin.

How To Layer Long, Thick Hair

Images via Become Gorgeous, So Bluk, Mozzy Pop, Pinterest, Cute Long Hairstyles, Getty Images

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