The Lazy Girls Guide To Looking Great

July 31, 2015

Just because we’re perpetually lazy when it comes to hair and makeup, doesn’t mean we want to condemn ourselves to a life of baggy under-eyes and un-brushed hair. Here, we develop the lazy girls guide to looking great with little to no effort.

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Be a sleeping beauty

Overnight success is only one step away with an overnight face mask. Do you have dry, parched skin? Try an ultra hydrating face mask. Or is your skin dull and in need of a pick-me-up? Try an over-night peel to exfoliate and refine your skin’s surface.

Comfy pillows

Sleeping on silk pillows is not only luxurious, but can also help reduce fine lines, creases, hair breakage and frizz. Yes girls, you can actually fight wrinkles and unruly hair just by going to sleep! If you’re prone to under-eye bags, sleeping on your back with extra pillows can help because it allows fluid to drain from your eyes.

An oldie but a goodie

Braiding your hair and putting it in a bun before you go to sleep can help add volume and texture to your tresses. For even more oomph, dry your hair about 60 per cent of the way up and apply a sea salt spray to the roots. You’ll be sleeping your way to gorgeous hair.

Easy Wipes

You can purchase a towelette for just about everything these days. From applying sunscreen to removing makeup, anything is possible with a quick mess free swipe.

Creams and lotions

Deflate your puffy eyes with soothing under eye moisturisers that reduce inflammation and visible circles under your eyes. Eye serums with caffeine in them are particularly wondrous. Our top pick is Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller.


Many beauty products aren’t restricted to just one use. These multi-purpose tools will save you time and money and keep your beauty regimen nice and simple. Misting hairspray can be used to tame your eyebrow arches, by spraying it on your fingers and dabbing the hairs into place. You can also brighten your lips and complexion by blending a clear balm over your mouth and your cheekbones as a makeshift highlighter. The list is endless.

Invest in an eye pencil

Sexy and sultry eyes are easier to achieve than you may think, all you need is an eye pencil that can easily define your eye shape and intensify your eye colour. Using a supersized liner will even save you time on the smudging step. Plus there’s no need for cleanup.

Brighten your smile

Dipping a clean toothbrush in bicarbonate soda and brushing it lightly over your teeth for two-minutes can help whiten your teeth and minimise any yellowing or discolouration. Make sure you rinse it off thoroughly and do it before bed to avoid eating and drinking for the next few hours.

So you see, maintaining a simple beauty regimen doesn’t have to be a long or drawn out process – it can be incredibly easy! The lazy girls guide to looking great is a simple and cost effective way to look your best all the time.

Image via Vogue

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