Leech Therapy: What Are The Benefits?

April 24, 2015
Leech Therapy - What Are The Benefits?

Ever heard of leech therapy? Even though this crazy beauty trend was used for centuries to treat a plethora of illnesses and diseases in the blood, it’s actually most popular in cosmopolitan cities from London to Los Angeles.

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What does leech therapy treat?

Leech therapy is recommended for those who suffer from arthritis and other chronic inflammatory diseases since it helps to dissolve clots, treat skin disorders, and even improve bad circulation.

But don’t let it fool you, leeches are also used for cosmetic practices such as elective plastic surgery as a way to smooth out the skin and clean the blood. Reconstructive surgery also uses leech therapy to purify the blood after the removal of a cancer.

How does it work?

Live leeches are attached onto the designated target area and are left to draw blood for a specific period of time. Leech therapy is so popular since many proteins and peptides are released which help to thin the blood and reverse bad circulation.

Does it leave any scars?

After the session is over, the leeches leave a small ‘Y’ shape wound which usually heals quickly and without leaving a noticeable mark or scar.

Who is a good candidate for leech therapy?

Anyone suffering from hypertension, visible varicose veins, to skin problems is eligible for leech therapy. Make sure to consult your doctor if you have a history of high-risk blood clotting or haemophilia.

Are there any side effects?

Leech therapy is regarded as a low-risk procedure, and therefore the side effects are few and far between. There is, however a risk of bacterial infection if the leeches are not properly regulated outside. Before booking a session, make sure your doctor is reliable and do your research before embarking on this procedure.

Would you try leech therapy if it helps your condition?

Image via Mind, Body Therapy

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