Leo’s PA Just Revealed He’s The World’s Greatest Boss

March 9, 2016

Just when you thought your love for him couldn’t get any stronger…

Filmmaker and former PA Kasi Brown has revealed what every heterosexual woman in the world desperately hopes is true: beneath the money, intense acting and killer good looks, Leonardo DiCaprio is a genuinely decent human being.

While working as DiCaprio’s personal assistant on his 2004 film The Aviator (for which he was nominated for an Oscar and *ahem* should have won), Brown says he was basically the best boss she could have hoped for.

She described the star as “very smart” and having a “wicked sense of humor”, and revealed he has incredible knowledge across “politics, pop culture, history, you name it”. *Insert giant sigh here*

“He’s extremely down to earth, and he likes to share stories and life experiences with people,” Brown told Huffington Post.

The superstar hunk’s assistant first crossed paths with Leo in 2002, when her best friend, Kayce Brown, was acting as his PA on the set of Catch Me If You Can (for which he *ahem* also should have won an Oscar).

Is there an Oscar for Best Boss in Hollywood?

When Brown ran into him again on the set of The Aviator in Montreal, the two girls became friendly with DiCaprio (we’re so jealous) and would go out on the town with him when filming ended for the day. Kayce Brown left the position to become Kate Hudson’s PA, thus opening up the job with DiCaprio.

“[Kayce] asked me if I was interested in taking over the position,” said Brown.

“I thought, why not? It would give me the opportunity, as a filmmaker, to watch Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio work. I’d be an idiot to turn down a learning opportunity like that!”

So take it she did. Brown managed the gorgeous specimen’s day-to-day life on set, including covering him with an umbrella when he exited his trailer so paparazzi “couldn’t snap photos of him making weird faces while he rehearsed”.

If there’s one thing DiCaprio is insistent upon, it’s anonymity; no wonder Halloween is his fave holiday.

And it’s not just former personal assistants DiCaprio is making an impression on. After he was photographed buying and devouring a pack of Girl Scout cookies before the 2016 Oscars at which he *ahem* finally won an Oscar, a troop in Suffolk County, New York was inspired to do some clever fundraising. They set up their stand with a funny sign featuring the actor licking his lips and looking happily at a box of Trefoils.

Be like Leo. Help girls change the world: bit.ly/1OmL0Tp

Posted by Girl Scout Cookies on Monday, March 7, 2016

Evidently, good things happen if you eat Girl Scout cookies.

Hey, if it worked for Leo, it could work for you too.

Comment: It’s pretty much assumed every woman goes weak at the knees when she sees Leo. Do you?

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