Leo & Gisele break-up issues

November 15, 2005

Leo & Gisele break-up issues

Leonardo DiCaprio and Gisele Bunchen, however recent sightings show they seemed to have patched things up. The pair has been dating on and off for six years, however recently Bundchen?s rep told the New York Post that the pair have been finding geography to be a problem. ?He lives on the West Coast. She lives in New York.” There have also been reports that the Brazilian beauty has been getting hot and heavy with surfer Kelly Slater and that Leonard was on the prowl over Halloween. But merely days after these reports, the pair was seen snuggling up in a New York restaurant. “They were totally affectionate during the meal,” one onlooker noticed, and added the pair left together, “holding hands.” Looks like it?s on again?

Paris? fake ring
Despite breaking up with Greek shipping heir fianc? Paris Latsis, Paris Hilton is still wearing the massive 24-carat engagement ring. Many have been outraged that Paris (Hilton) would keep such an exorbitant ring, however her ex isn?t bothered. Why? Apparently the ring isn?t even real! According to friends, She ?bought it for herself. It’s a cubic zirconia! The ring Paris (Latsis) gave her was a much smaller one. She lied to Us Weekly about it and everyone picked it up.”

Beck?s boobs
Speaking of fake, legal documents have confirmed that former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has had a boob job. According to the High Court documents, David Beckham?s wife went under the knife in 1999. Although Posh has always denied in public that she hasn?t had the surgery, her spokesman now say the legal papers were never hidden. “The legal papers are no secret but Victoria has nothing to say.” The papers will be used in a libel case to be heard next month.

Kathleen Turner pretended to be drunk

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