There Are Light-Up Lashes Now And We Know You Want Them

Nadine Dilong

Your eyes will literally sparkle.

If you’re struggling with your eyeliner application, this product will make your day, as it’s so flashy – pun intended – it makes any other eye makeup unnecessary.

The so-called f.lashes are the brainchild of designers Tien Pham and Davey Taylor and are basically fake lashes made from tiny LED strips that light up, twinkle, or flash when you turn them on.

Two thin wires are connected to the lash strips and are joined in a small controller which you attach to the back of your head with a hair clip. Normal lash glue can be used to apply the strips to your eyes, and according to the designers, they feel just like fake lashes, as they’re super light.

The really cool thing about these novelty lashes is the fact they’re controlled by your movements. If you’re dancing, your f.lashes will dance with you, lighting up in different shades and sequences. Talk about the perfect festival accessory.

If you treat them with care, f.lashes are supposedly reusable, and with a fresh battery, they last for up to five hours of continuous flashing – maybe not quite enough for an entire rave, but it’ll do for a fab night out.

According to the creators, there is no risk of the strips overheating or exploding as long as they’re used with the original remote control, and you can even wear them at a pool party, as the LED strips are waterproof (though swimming isn’t recommended).

Looking at the video campaign, the “wearable electric and interactive cosmetics”, as Pham calls them, look surprisingly stunning, and like something we would definitely want to try. Unfortunately, f.lashes are still in the prototype stage, but it looks like production will kick off soon, as the founder’s kickstarter campaign has just hit its funding goal.

We have a feeling these could become the next big beauty trend…

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