Lindsay Lohan Hits Rock Bottom

July 7, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Hits Rock Bottom

Lindsay Lohan broke down in tears today after being sentenced to 90 days jail for violating probation in her DUI case, to be followed by a 90-day rehab program.

Despite a number of excuses, Judge Marsha Revel said the evidence was clear and noted a pattern of violations since Lindsay was placed on probation in 2007 following a plea bargain in the DUI case.

Most notably, Lindsay failed to attend alcohol rehab classes based on the schedule set by the judge on a number of occassions, and unfortunately for Lindsay, they were all snapped up by paparazzi, including a trip to Cannes during the film festival earlier this year to party with friends.

Lindsay broke down as she addressed the court, telling the judge, “I did the best I could.” She continued to apologise but to no avail, and must surrender on July 20 in Judge Revel’s court.

It’s highly unlikely Lindsay will serve her whole sentence, as a sheriff spokesperson explained that most female inmates serving time for non-violent crimes only serve 25% of their sentence because of overcrowding in jails. This means Lindsay will likely spend around 3 weeks behind bars.

The sad truth is that Lindsay’s income largely comes from celebrity appearances, with nightclubs and restaurants paying her up to $10,000 to party at their establishments, which can only contribute to her life spiraling out of control.

We’re not sure if her acting career, which at one time seemed so promising, will be able to bounce back from this, but we wish Lindsay the best in her recovery.

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