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Lindsay Lohan On The Loose

Lindsay Lohan On The Loose

Lindsay Lohan On The Loose

Watch out world, Lindsay Lohan is on the loose.

Lindsay discharged herself from rehab today after serving just 22 days out of the 90 days she was sentenced to, and in true Hollywood style, took a chauffered limo home.

She has vowed to continue out-patient treatment several times a week but after her record of bailing out of rehab, you have to wonder if she really is serious about cleaning up her act.

Her stint in rehab mirrors her brief stay in jail in July when she was also sentenced to 90 days but only served 13 days.

Her mother Dina has asked her to come and live with her in NY as she says the Big Apple will be a better influence on her. Or do you think it’s a matter of time until we see Lindsay back to her partying ways? Only time will tell.

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