Lindsay Lohan spotted with Sean Lennon

January 17, 2006

Lindsay Lohan spotted with Sean Lennon

Lindsay Lohan was spotted with John Lennon?s son Sean last week in New York?s Bette Restaurant. Apparently the starlet has a part in a forthcoming movie about John Lennon?s murder, Chapter 27, and the pair got together to talk through her role. The pair ate then later met up with Lindsay?s mum Dina in hip club Bungalow 8. There may have been another motive behind the dinner date for Sean; he recently told a newspaper that he wants a girlfriend, saying: “I’m completely alone and I’m completely miserable.”

Eminem’s remarries ex
After a bitter divorce and a nasty custody battle, rapper Eminem has decided to let bygones be bygones and remarry his former wife Kimberly Mathers, four years after their split. The high school sweethearts were first married in 1999 but their subsequent divorce in 2001 led to a custody battle over daughter Hailie. Their second ceremony was held in Michigan, USA and was attended by his best man D12 member Proof and rapper 50 Cent. Eminem decided it was to be a casual occasion and sported a red baseball cap in the ceremony. Apparently not everyone was overjoyed at the reconciliation; Enimem?s grandmother was quoted as saying: “Boy, has he made a big mistake. No pre-nup or nothing. She’ll take everything and leave. Kim is a nasty, mean woman.?

It seems it didn?t take Nicole Richie long to get over former fianc? Adam Goldstein. She was seen on a lunch date last week with Jackass star Steve-O. A fellow diner reports: “Steve-O was kissing her cheek and neck and she seemed to be loving every minute of it. They left holding hands.”? Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are reportedly hoping to remake Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Matt would play Robert Redford?s former role of the Sundance Kid, and Ben is set to take on Paul Newman?s part as Butch Cassidy.

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