Lindy Klim’s Tips on Getting Into Shape Post-Baby

May 2, 2012

Michael Klim’s wife Lindy shares her 10 top tips on getting your body back into shape and leading a healthy life after baby.

1. Make exercise part of your daily routine
Treat it like brushing your teeth and remember that not only is exercise a way to get your body back into shape, but it helps to clear your head and prepare you for the day ahead. Exercise doesn’t have to be a drain – you can do five minutes here, ten minutes there.

2. Don’t look for excuses to avoid exercise

Making excuses takes up so much time and with a newborn, this is time that we can’t waste. If you exercise without thinking about it, before you know it the time is up, and you have completed your workout for the day. Try to think of exercise as your friend. This can be your time to just focus on yourself.

3. If you don’t feel up to it, don’t do it

Listen to your body, especially after giving birth. If you don’t feel up to it, you’re probably not. Always wait for the right amount of time before hitting the gym and once you start to feel yourself getting motivated ensure that you block out an hour each day to do some form of light exercise whether it’s walking, jogging, yoga & stretching, or even some light weights. Feeling up to it is different to not being bothered, however. Give yourself a pep talk and tell yourself how good you will feel once you get started.

4. Something is better than nothing

You don’t need to be running for hours to make a difference to your body. Something as simple as taking your new bub for a walk in the pram, strapping on the Baby Bjorn or even doing a few lunges around the house during nap time are all beneficial to your body. It’s amazing how many exercises can be done just at home. Some push-ups on your knees, sit ups, lunges, even just walking fast around the house. It will all help. It’s all about being on the move rather than sitting around.

5. Set realistic goals

If you’re trying to become more physically active, then realistic, well-planned goals keep you focused and motivated. Ensuring your goal is realistic is one of the best ways to achieve your aim. Unrealistic goals will only get you down on yourself when they are impossible to reach.

6. Water is your best friend

Drink lots and lots of water! I also love to drink Pomegranate juice, which is full of antioxidants and has amazing positive effects on your cardiovascular ability and circulation.

7. Eat naturally
The more natural foods are, the better they are for you. Processed foods have many hidden sugars and fats in them, so it is really important to avoid these foods as best you can. Try and stick to foods that you are familiar with the ingredients that are in them.

8. Stick to whole foods

Whole foods are the best source of nutrition and give us maximum nutritional value. Try to include these in your daily diet – fruits and vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds, and whole grains.

9. Stay full for longer
Include these foods in your diet to ensure you stay full for longer; boiled potatoes, eggs, porridge, fish and beef, soup, beans, oranges and apples, and salad.

10. Meal replacement when eating out

Eating out is one of the most difficult things especially when you are trying to watch what you eat. Meal replacement is such a simple choice, which will ensure you don’t regret that Saturday night meal. Try these easy swaps; a side salad instead of a side of chips, brown rice instead of white rice, instead of a glass of soft drink have a glass of water and try to avoid appetisers or starters like breads and dips.

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