Liquid Facelift – The Latest In Facial Rejuvenation

September 10, 2010

Liquid Facelift – The Latest In Facial Rejuvenation

Dr Joseph Hkeik is known as the ‘Michelangelo behind the needle’ and has perfected the art of the Liquid Facelift, the ultimate in facial rejuvenation. In a nutshell, Dr. Joseph uses “Botox and dermal fillers of various thickness, for example, soft filler for the lips and an elastic filler for the cheeks.” As an educator he is up-to-date on all the latest products available in Australia and, according to the property of each product, has his favourites for different areas of the face. He describes it as being “an artist with different sized brushes, depending on what I’m creating, different products give me a range of choices.” Dr. Joseph also uses lasers, microdermabrasion, dermaroller and chemical peels to rejuvenate the texture and appearance of the skin, for totally beautiful results.

1. What is the ‘liquid facelift’?

Liquid Face Lift is a combination of non-surgical procedures designed to rejuvenate the appearance in a single or multiple sessions. It requires experience in cosmetic medicine and an in-depth understanding of the latest
products and procedures.

The procedure is tailored to the individual patient taking into consideration the patient’s concerns and their needs.

2. From supermarket creams to expensive skincare to non-surgical rejuvenation, how do I know what the best anti-ageing course of action for me is?

I have designed the “Triangles of Beauty” concept in order to take the guess work out of our plan for our patients. There are three triangles; expressive, structural and subconscious.

There is also the platform. The “platform” component of this concept is our skin. To maintain a healthy and beautiful skin we need to follow a home care and an in clinic care regimens. If you are serious about your skin you need to challenge your skin in a clinic environment (such as peels, microdermabrasion, photorejuvenation, resurfacing etc…) then support it during the healing phase with good, natural and pure products.

To simplify it further, you need fruit acid to exfoliate the upper layer of the epidermis, vitamin C in the morning and vitamin A at night (only topically and not orally; vitamin A is best used in winter time and only few times a weeks) to rejuvenate and support the turnover of the cell and clear pigmentation. Always use sunscreen daily, all year round. And if you want that extra glow effect, add antioxidants and growth factors topically.

3. What are the options for someone who feels they look tired and want a pick-me-up?

It depends on the individual concerns and issues. However, in general, a fruit acid peel, followed by Botox for the tense area of the face and a little filler to the mid face, will create a tranquil and refreshed face for most people.

4. The neck gives away a person’s true age – is there a way to rejuvenate an ageing neck?

I always look at the neck and chest as an extension of the face. Start pampering the neck and chest early and it will pay off. By that I mean, cleanse, moisturize and protect these areas every time you attend to your face. If you feel that you missed the bus a little, don’t worry, there are many non surgical solutions that can reverse signs of ageing and tired neck and chest skin. Fraxel is my favorite for skin with loss of elasticity. We can equally extend our peels to cover the neck and chest. Dry leathery skin can be rescued with superficial injections of hyaluronic acids (hyaluronic acid is a natural product that integrates with our own natural hyaluronic acid and absorbs 1000 its own volume in water. Our skin loves it!)

5. I’m interested in subtle changes, such as a slightly fuller top lip. How can I make sure my cosmetic surgeon will not go over the top?

Ensure you go to someone reputable with lots of experience. Spend lots of time researching who you go to. Take pictures of what you believe is natural (as often what the practitioner defines as natural is not what you will define as natural). Spend lots of time discussing what you desire and ask the practitioner if that is suitable to your face and if they confidently achieve your desired results. Never make a decision based on money alone. Less is more: you can always add more in the future if you feel you need more.

For more information contact Dr Joseph Hkeik at All Saints Cosmedical

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