Liv Tyler’s predicting a girl

December 7, 2004

Liv Tyler’s predicting a girl

Interesting philosophies from Liv
Pregnant actor Liv Tyler has determined her unborn baby is a girl. However she isn?t relying on science for her theories, she believes her nose broadening is the clue of her baby?s sex. She spoke to friend (and new mother) Alice Sykes recently about her new theory. Alice said, “She told me she had been at Bigelow’s [Chemist] and the assistant told her, ‘You’re having a girl in a week and a half.’ Apparently, the woman told her you can tell when you are having a girl because your nose goes wide.” Guess we?ll all find out the truth to that one soon enough as she?s due in the next few weeks.

With husband Royston Langdon
Celebrity Predictions: Liv Tyler
As we know the young actress is due to give birth anytime soon. She has stated she will be taking time off to take care of her newborn, but a tempting film offer that has Oscar potential will lure her back into the spotlight. Liv and her rock star husband will also be thinking of moving in the New Year, as they will feel they need more privacy. I also see Liv being offered to represent her own line of clothing range and accessories which is something that she has been dreaming about for many years. This offer will suit Liv’s vibrant and bubbly personality as she will be able to spend more time at home with her offspring. There will also be another announcement, one of an unexpected pregnancy by the beginning of 2006. For more celebrity predictions and to find out your own psychic destiny, check out

Halle Berry moving on
Halle Berry is moving in with her boyfriend Michael Ealy. The Monster’s Ball star started dating him last year after her marriage to Eric Benet came to an and that once construction is completed on her Malibu, California home, she’ll move Michael in… Rachel Hunter has been seen wearing a stunning sapphire ring, fuelling reports that she?s engaged. She?s been dating Canadian ice hockey player Sean Avery in May.

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