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Live It Up!

Live It Up!

Live It Up!

Live It Up Lifestyle Products is a business based in beautiful Tasmania, Australia. Many companies overlook Tassie when they expand so the island state misses out on many quality products in the marketplace. It’s Live It Up’s hope to identify and bring to you, beautiful things to improve and enhance your lifestyle. They ship worldwide, but they pride themselves on being able to offer product demonstrations, taste tests and hands-on experiences to their fellow islanders.

In the Spring Clean Your Life competition you will win: the Triple Combo (Intimate Area Shaver, Femini Shavy Hair Remover & Ladyfair Double-Edged Bush and Beard Trimmer) Media Wet/Dry Lady Shaver, Vitashower Vitamin C Shower Filter plus some green tea and gourmet coffee.

The Intimate Area Shaver for Men and Women
This is a battery operated, ultra-fine screen, rotary-head personal shaver. It is a dry shaver (used with talcum powder to facilitate movement of the head) and is specifically for daily use! The Intimate Area Shaver doesn’t work on long hair, just stubble, which is really what we want, right? Used in conjunction with its buddy, “The Femini Shavy” (but just as good for men too, despite the name), it effortlessly produces bare, smooth skin.

The Femini Shavy Hair Remover for Men and Women
Battery operated, ultra-fine comb, trimmer-head Shaver. Remove hair effortlessly and without painful waxing or tweezing or smelly bleaching.
The Shavy can be safely used on face, upper lip, intimate areas, legs and arms. This tiny shaver with its small trimmer head, quickly shapes brows and even keeps neck hairs neat without irritation. Featuring plastic housing with an on-off slide switch, the Shavy takes one AA battery.
Carry it around in your handbag for quick emergency touch-ups!

The Ladyfair Double-Edged Bush and Beard Trimmer
Now let’s not be too precious about terminology. If you want the job done, you want the best tool for the job! The Ladyfair is a palm sized, battery operated, high-speed, double-edged trimmer with one straight and one curved edge.
It’s the most effective trimmer available for close work. It’ll cut through bush or beard without stalling and is brilliant for men who like the ‘rough shave’ appearance. Takes 2 included AA cell batteries.

Media Wet/Dry Lady Shaver
This is all you need for your legs and underarms, and you can even take it with you when you travel, without worrying about different electrical requirements overseas, and without having to pack shaving cream and razors that come loose in your toiletry bag.

Vitashower Vitamin C Shower Filter
The shower filter is a unit that fits between the shower arm and the shower rose, and dispenses vitamin c infused water via a filter. It has many health properties, including negating the effects of chlorine in the water, and anti-ageing properties.
Total RRP $285

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