Living Room Inspiration from 5 Famous Interior Designers

March 26, 2014
living room design

Thinking of giving your living room a makeover? Your living room should be both welcoming and reflective of your personal style.By browsing the designs of some of the world’s most famous interior designers, you can get some great ideas for how to transform your space so that it’s both stylish and functional. Here are a few designs that inspired us.

Simon Whitmore

Bold colours can create a striking look that will make your living room feel more vibrant. This red room doesn’t overdo it. The effect is muted by choosing a lighter shade in the same colour family and accenting the walls with neutral trim and paneling. Bolder accents provide a splash of colour, such as with the lamp or art work. Get this look by pairing a bright wall colour with a smart colour choice for furniture, like this sophisticated slate grey. Patterned curtains give you the opportunity to have a little fun and to pull the look together.

latest living room design

Jeffrey Bilhuber

Jeffrey Bilhuber shows that your stacks and stacks of books don’t have to detract from your decor scheme, but can actually be a focus. Instead of just throwing books on a shelf and pushing the shelves together in a row, you can put books together in colour groupings and designs that turn them into art. Hang pictures directly on the bookshelves for a unique look, then fill the room with plenty of cozy seating. Choose neutral shelves so the colours of the books will pop, then choose room accents that complement the books.

cool living room design

James Radin

This classic and soft design is more white than blue, but the subtle touches of blue create just the right accents for visual interest. The neutral colour palette is warm and inviting, and the soft blues create a beautiful contrast. To get the look, you should start with a neutral palette for your furniture and walls, then choose key accent pieces, like colourful pillows, vases or a focal piece of art work. You don’t have to choose blue. A seafoam green or coral would also look lovely in this design.

famous living room design

Lynn Morgan

You can invert the colours for the furniture and the walls, like in this Lynn Morgan design, focusing instead on bright furniture and neutral walls. Choose key pieces like the sofa and love seat in a bright colour like navy or crimson. Accent pieces like chairs or ottomans can be in the same colour family or can include patterns with the same colour. Just be careful not to outfit the room with every piece of furniture in the same colour or you’ll overdo it. A piece of art work or an accent piece like a lamp can feature the bright colour and tie the look together.

living room design

Laura Moss

Get this modern look from Laura Moss by choosing streamlined furniture in monochromatic colours. A white couch and chairs can be matched with other monochromatic pieces, such as black and white pillows, rugs and lamps. However, don’t like the black and white design scheme become too overpowering. Cut it with a few natural pieces to provide contrast, such as a wooden table or piece of wall art. A well-chosen plant would also look lovely sitting in the corner or on a side table.

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