Bedroom Design Ideas

How To Revamp Your Bedroom

One of the easiest ways to reinvent a room is with a fresh coat of paint! And we decided the best way to prove this point was to show it to you in action. This dramatic bedroom makeover showcases the impact of a fresh coat when it comes to instant bedroom transformations.


interiors, bedroom, interior decorating, room revamp, renovation


interiors, bedroom, interior decorating, room revamp, renovationStyling notes

  • Wattyl paint in Ocean Dive for fresh colour injection
  • The inclusion of artwork adds source of inspiration for room’s colour scheme
  • Patterned rug infuses inviting texture
  • Functional and stylish lamp update

Wattyl paint in Ocean Dive E71W supplied by Masters Home Improvement at Chullora. 

Content and images from TheHome.com.au

How to Give Your Bedroom an Autumn Makeover

As we say goodbye to summer, there’s no better way to welcome autumn than by giving your home a makeover. The cooler weather is the perfect time to turn a lacklustre bedroom into your sanctuary. Leading homewares stylists Betty Wong and Lucy Wolstoneholme for MyHouse share the coolest bedroom trends for the upcoming season.

Checks and stripes
Classic or contemporary, nothing beats the timeless look of checks and stripes. This season we’ve witnessed an explosive comeback of tartans, embracing 70’s punk fashion with bold red and black and white patterns.

Autumn/Winter 2014 will offer a fresh facelift with a subtle adaptation of this iconic design. Thin lines and softer shades will make a statement in the bedroom without compromising elegance or visual harmony.  Incorporate the classic check and stripe look into bedspreads, curtains and feature pillowcases for a much needed crisp edge. 

Indigo Vase 14cm, $39.95

Magnificent metallic
Forget everything you ever knew about never combining silver and gold. Mixed metals take the spotlight this season with rich coppery shades, warm gold and cool silver accents for creating an imperial feel in the bedroom and adding that extra touch of glam.

This season isn’t about over-the-top style, but rather embraces strokes of luxury to create a space graced with rich personality and chic comfort.           

Sly Copper Diamond Cushion, $59.95


A texture tendency
Texture has always been one of the key ingredients required to make a room look truly beautiful, but this year pattern and texture layering is especially big.

Whether it’s the materials used for bedroom furniture and accessories or the colour and print of fabrics and walls, strategic interior layering will make its way into the bedroom this season.

This trend will be interpreted heavily through statement decorator pieces such as bedside lamps, frames and wall furnishings. Innovative combinations such as wood and ceramic mixed with carved stone will add spice to the bedroom interior and create an understated depth that plays on the complexity of nature and gives the eye something interesting to look at.

Emily, Elizabeth and Virginia Throws, from $59.95

Classic glamour
Say goodbye to neutral palettes and floral inspired pastels and say hello to valiant glamour. This season is all about interiors encapsulating drama, luxury and extravagant aesthetics. When it comes to furnishings, think The Great Gatsby meets Marie Antoinette, as marble, stone and luxurious leather make a huge comeback. Vibrantly dark and moody shades such as deep purple, peacock green, brick-red and navy will rule the colour scheme of the season.

Conway Cushion, $39.95

Uneasy about trying dark shades in the bedroom? Start with a feature wall, or try punctuating the space with reflective surfaces to bounce light around the room.

What are your favourite autumn home design trends?