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Living Room Inspiration from 5 Famous Interior Designers

Thinking of giving your living room a makeover? Your living room should be both welcoming and reflective of your personal style.By browsing the designs of some of the world’s most famous interior designers, you can get some great ideas for how to transform your space so that it’s both stylish and functional. Here are a few designs that inspired us.

Simon Whitmore

Bold colours can create a striking look that will make your living room feel more vibrant. This red room doesn’t overdo it. The effect is muted by choosing a lighter shade in the same colour family and accenting the walls with neutral trim and paneling. Bolder accents provide a splash of colour, such as with the lamp or art work. Get this look by pairing a bright wall colour with a smart colour choice for furniture, like this sophisticated slate grey. Patterned curtains give you the opportunity to have a little fun and to pull the look together.

latest living room design

Jeffrey Bilhuber

Jeffrey Bilhuber shows that your stacks and stacks of books don’t have to detract from your decor scheme, but can actually be a focus. Instead of just throwing books on a shelf and pushing the shelves together in a row, you can put books together in colour groupings and designs that turn them into art. Hang pictures directly on the bookshelves for a unique look, then fill the room with plenty of cozy seating. Choose neutral shelves so the colours of the books will pop, then choose room accents that complement the books.

cool living room design

James Radin

This classic and soft design is more white than blue, but the subtle touches of blue create just the right accents for visual interest. The neutral colour palette is warm and inviting, and the soft blues create a beautiful contrast. To get the look, you should start with a neutral palette for your furniture and walls, then choose key accent pieces, like colourful pillows, vases or a focal piece of art work. You don’t have to choose blue. A seafoam green or coral would also look lovely in this design.

famous living room design

Lynn Morgan

You can invert the colours for the furniture and the walls, like in this Lynn Morgan design, focusing instead on bright furniture and neutral walls. Choose key pieces like the sofa and love seat in a bright colour like navy or crimson. Accent pieces like chairs or ottomans can be in the same colour family or can include patterns with the same colour. Just be careful not to outfit the room with every piece of furniture in the same colour or you’ll overdo it. A piece of art work or an accent piece like a lamp can feature the bright colour and tie the look together.

living room design

Laura Moss

Get this modern look from Laura Moss by choosing streamlined furniture in monochromatic colours. A white couch and chairs can be matched with other monochromatic pieces, such as black and white pillows, rugs and lamps. However, don’t like the black and white design scheme become too overpowering. Cut it with a few natural pieces to provide contrast, such as a wooden table or piece of wall art. A well-chosen plant would also look lovely sitting in the corner or on a side table.

Famous Interior Designers: Spring Style

With spring cleaning usually comes a little spring makeover. Taking your cues from famous interior designers can help you achieve the perfect look for spring in any room of your home. Here are a few stylish suggestions to inspire your home makeover.


One of the best ways to decorate your home for spring is to add a popof color. Pastels are always lovely in spring, however, brighter hues like orange or green indicate new life and revival, and can make beige, gray or black furniture pieces in your home stand out. Designer Anthony Baratta encourages the use of bright color and geometric design to create the ideal spring-ready space.

Spring Interior Design


Items like throw pillows and blankets, along with artwork, can add attractive texture to any room in your home. Designer Mariette Himes Gomez recommends using area rugs that feature small designs to lend texture to a room and designate seating areas in a room.

latest Spring Interior Design

Signature Pieces

Interior designer Susan Ferrier encourages homeowners to add standout pieces to their rooms that add interest and visual appeal to any space. For instance, a distressed antique dish in metal or an ottoman in crushed velvet can make a space more appealing. A signature piece is a neutral or metallic shade adds the right finishing touches to a room without overwhelming the area with color.

Spring Interior Designs


Springtime can inspire you to add brighter lighting to a room so that the rooms in your home will look a little more like the sunny weather outside. Interior designer Suzanne Rheinstein recommends using lamps in a room that are easy to remove, so you can add or take away as much light as you want. Tall lamps in a bronze or copper tone are especially warm and sophisticated, and look great with furniture of virtually any color.

cool Spring Interior Design


Famed decorator Mario Buatta recommends patterned furniture pieces to make a room look spring-ready. Buatta suggests pillows with a floral print for a chair or couch, and also asserts that plants and baskets can give any room a welcoming, nature-inspired feel.

As you can see, features like textured accents, fresh hues and specialized lighting can help you show off your style in a practical and creative way. Adding some of these elements can make a big difference in any room.

Famous Interior Designers: Nate Berkus Style

Looking to give your home a makeover? We’re taking inspiration from one of the world’s most famous interior designers, Nate Berkus (yep, you’ll remember him from Oprah!). Here are five easy ways to incorporate his stunning style into your own home.

Bring the outdoors in
Nate often juxtapose organic and geometric forms, especially with actual plants. No matter the season, you can bring fresh flowers, dried leaves, driftwood decor elements, or other outdoor items into a room and give it new life. Use them as focal points or simply to break up a space. This is also an opportunity to incorporate colour and texture in fresh, exciting ways.


Play with pattern
Some design rules are meant to be broken. Nate believes the rule about not mixing patterns is one of them! Picking a few small pillows with different designs adds visual interest, even when combined with a larger patterned piece like a rug. Just make sure the colours don’t clash, the patterns are not all similar in size, and the total amount of patterns in one room is not excessive. The idea is to mix a few patterns in a fun way, not to overrun the space with paisley, dots, and checks.


Make colour count
Begin with a restricted palette consisting mainly of neutrals. Utilise several shades of the same neutral; for example, try placing beige and tan pillows on a russet or sepia lounge. Add in one or two bright accent pieces for a pop of colour. This also makes it easy to do seasonal changes in your decor simply by switching out those colourful accessories – think bright yellows and oranges for summer, cool blues and greys for winter. 


Mix textures and fabrics
Nate prefers to make rooms interesting by drawing the eye to different surfaces with varying fabrics, finishes, and textures. Looking at his rooms you’ll often find chrome fixtures, a deep pile rug, both finished and unfinished wood furniture, leather pillows, and crisp linen curtains. Throw blankets and runners are a quick and simple way to add a little variety to a lounge room or bedroom. 


Show off your books
According to Nate, a room should reflect the people who live in it and use it each day. An easy way to do this is with books. Whether placed neatly on open shelves, arranged between book ends, or stacked beneath an eye-catching paperweight, there are many options besides tucking books behind closed doors or just leaving them strewn about the room. Some books are beautiful or interesting enough to display as art in their own right, but you can just as easily show off a small collection of cookbooks or vintage books.

What are your favourite home decorating tips?

5 Famous Interior Designers Share Their Best Colour Tips

Thinking of giving your home a makeover? You don’t have to spend a fortune or months redecorating. Colour is a fantastic way to breathe new life into your home, just follow these simple yet brilliant tricks from some of the world’s most famous interior designers.

1. Incorporate wallpaper
Once a trend from the past, wallpaper is currently a hot interior design trend, not only for the incredible, unique patterns, but for the texture it adds to walls. Designer Barbara Berry says, “Use a patterned wallpaper to strengthen a room, and an unpatterned paper to soften a space.” Let you imagination go wild – choose to walloper one panel in a room, or mix-and-match different wallpapers for an exotic feel.


2. Mix patterns and colours
A home that matches too much will appear stuffy and anything but cozy, which is why it’s important to layer patterns and texture, according to designer Barclay Butera. His philosophy is that decorating the home is similar to fashion where you should accessorise the space with patterns, texture and colour. Avoid anything too matchy-matchy.


3. Use tone-on-tone palettes
Incorporating colour into your home doesn’t have to me loud and colourful.Remember that you home is not just a place that should look good, but also a place to relax and feel comfortable Designer Celerie Kemble enjoys creating serene environments with her design with soft blues and greens that complement one another.


4. Lighting is key
Designer Shawn Henderson recommends carefully choosing your lighting. “Always have good reading lights in every room and put everything on a dimmer,” he says. Too strong or bold lighting can wash out the space and make it feel uncomfortable. So if you’ve spent days agonising over a new paint colour, remember that your lighting will affect how that colour looks in a room.


5. Add reflective objects
It can be easy for rooms to appear overly colourful, which is why designer Susan Ferrier recommends using reflective objects throughout the home. “Add something that’s reflective, instead of another colour.” This will also add a unique detail that stands out amongst the surrounding decor for plenty of balance. Mirrors make a space look bigger, or look for shiny or silver paint or walloper to add a reflective accent.

Renovated lately? What are your best home makeover tips?

Inside Gwyneth Paltrow’s Hamptons Home

Gwyneth Paltrow has shared her recent Hamptons home makeover, and we have major home envy.

In her latest Goop newsletter, Paltrow gushes about famous interior designer Windsor Smith who helped redesign the “dead zone” areas in her Amagansett home with her Room In A Box service.

According to Goop: “Despite two attempts on her own to completely redesign the space, Gwyneth’s living room in Amagansett continually stumped her—while it’s spacious and filled with light, it had always been a dead zone in the home, where nobody seemed to spend time.”


Room In A Box allows you to redesign a room by filling out a questionnaire and uploading photos of your space and dream room. After a few weeks, you receive a beautiful box filled with room renderings, floor plans textile swatches and a shopping list of furnishing.


It sounds like great fun – albeit not cheap (a redesigned room can come in at over $25,000, although there are many options to suit budgets and styles).


Paltrow wanted her family room to feel “cosy” yet “elegant”, like “a proper room to entertain in.”

Gwyneth and Windsor

The Room In A Box redesign “pushed the seating to the exterior walls because our families today multitask,” Smith explained, “we can be in the same room, but we’re not necessarily doing the same thing.”

Her music room was also given a stylish makeover, centred around a piano which used to hide in the corner.

Gwyneth loves the result

Isn’t it gorgeous? Paltrow and her family spend their summers in the Hamptons, entertaining bestie Beyonce and Jay Z, but we’d be happy to housesit the other nine months!

What do you think of Gwyneth Paltrow’s home improvements?

Photos: Goop

5 Famous Interior Designers Share Their Best Design Tips

Looking for interior decorating inspiration? We checked in with five famous interior designers to steal their secrets on creating a spectacular space.

1. Add life to a room
Mario Buatta knows the value of adding life to any type of room, so she opts for specific objects like live plants, books, baskets, and even quilts. Combine both vintage and modern pieces for an intriguing way of giving the room personality.


2. Use what speaks to you
Designer Nate Berkus recommends using objects in your home that speak to you, instead of just copying someone else’s style. It doesn’t have to be an heirloom or trendy accessory, but can simply be an item that you enjoy. He suggests trawling through flea markets and antique stores for one-of-a-kind finds. Also look for special pieces on your next holiday.


3. Use a grid
A grid can add a bold look to a room with artwork that hangs on the walls. “I like to hang multiple images in a tight grid, just shy of the length of the sofa, with equal margins at the top of the sofa and bottom of the ceiling moulding,” says designer Tom Stringer. This will add a eye-catching detail as well as balance to any room.


4. Add a decorative chair to each room
Designer Mariette Himes Gomez believes “every room needs at least one character chair for personality.” This offers a focal point to the space and can also make the room look more expensive.


5. Decorate with dimensional pillows
Jan Showers is known for her impeccable taste in mixing neutrals and colours in the chic homes that she designs. She recommends adding dimension to any couch or chair with pillows that pop and have interesting details.

What’s your interior design style? Tell us in the comments!

How To Use Colour In Your Home

Colour can make one of the biggest impacts on the look and feel of a room. Colour placement, patterns and coordination all work together to create an atmosphere that makes a room – and home – special. Some of our favourite famous interior designers like Jamie Drake and Anthony Baratta use accents like furniture and artwork to enhance room design, and colour to completely transform a space.

Follow these colour tips, suggestions and design inspiration for your interior decorating projects.

Anthony Baratta
Anthony Baratta is a NYC-based interior designer who’s motto is “one third function, two thirds delight.” Isn’t that a fantastic design philosophy? This is exactly what you’ll find with his fun, eclectic and colourful spaces, like this show-stopping retro-inspired living room accented with baby and royal blues.

jamiedrakeJamie Drake
Jamie Drake is a famous interior designer based in NYC, known for his “exuberant colour sense” that he incorporates into all his designs. And boy, is he not afraid of colour, just like this eye-popping fuchsia ottoman, with complimentary lamps, cushions and rug. Jamie often uses a neutral base colour for sofas and lounging furniture, and uses colour on the focal point of the room. This is one of our favourite design tips: when using colour, make sure the room is balanced and not overwhelmed with one colour.
Laura Day
Laura Day transitions houses to homes by keeping it simple, and adding pops of colour through accessories, like in the rich gold cushions and cerulean blue lamp above. Laura says “a neutral room can sing a different song every single day if only you accessorise.” One of her design philosophies is that choosing colourful accessories but keeping the bones of the room classically neutral make it easier to incorporate the changing seasons and different decorating trends.barbarabarryBarbara Barry
Colour doesn’t have to be loud, it can be subtle and natural and create just as much emotion as vibrant hues. This is Barbara Barry’s design philosophy. She attributes her Californian upbringing as one of the biggest design influences. Her elegant home design and favourite colour schemes take inspiration from nature, whether it be from a bouquet of flowers, the mountains or ocean. The dining room she designed above uses vintage yellows and greens like those found in nature to accent the natural wood table, and bring a sense of calm and familiarity to the space.

Bright and colourful? White on white? Subtle and understated? What are your favourite home colour schemes?

Photos: Design Milk /  Elle Decor / Laura Day / Elle Decor

5 Famous Interior Designers to Follow on Instagram

Instagram is the perfect way to get inspiration from your favourite famous interior designers. Whether giving a sneak peak into their design process or sharing glimpses into their everyday lives, these Instagram accounts provide endless hours of inspiration and ideas to all their followers. Here are the five Instagram accounts every home design lover should follow.

Jonathan Adler
Jonathan Adler’s Instagram feed (above) is brilliant eye candy. He posts so many gorgeous, inspiring shots that will surely inspire your inner designer. His Instagram is focused on decor: full rooms, individual pieces of furniture, colour swatches and unique accessories. He also shares glimpses of what’s going on in his fabulous stores (and let’s you know about sales too!).


Nate Berkus
Scrolling through Nate Berkus’ Instagram feed will leave you feeling like he’s a worldly, stylish long-lost friend. It has a very personal and relaxed vibe. Along with his design picks, you’ll enjoy seeing the world through Nate’s eyes as he hangs with his family and the fabulously famous.


Eddie Ross
The ever-charming Eddie Ross has an Instagram feed that is full of stunningly gorgeous photos and design ideas, along with a splash of personal photos that he’s happy to share with his followers. Describing himself as a “hoarder of beautiful things”, design aficionados will adore seeing what goes on behind-the-scenes on his design shoots; prop lovers, get ready to geek out.


Aimee Song
The creative mind behind popular design and fashion blog Song of Style, Aimee Song shares her polished and unique design sensibility with her 1.2 million+ Instagram followers. Her feed is a delightful combination of fashion, interior design and lifestyle photos. She shares a lot of personal photos, letting viewers into her carefree, sun-drenched daily life.


Genevieve Gorder
Fans of Genevieve Gorder’s design shows on HGTV will love to follow along with her on Instagram. She shares plenty of personal photos of her family and friends, along with lovely shots of the everyday items she encounters that will undoubtedly provide inspiration for her next design. And since we all love a good selfie, there are plenty of those too!

Who’s your favourite interior designer?

Summer Decorating Inspiration from 5 Famous Interior Designers

Thinking of decorating your home this summer? We’ve been inspired by some of the world’s most famous interior designers including David Bromstad and Candice Olson, to bring you home decorating tips to make your home shine.

David Bromstad
In 2006, Miami-based Bromstad won the first season of hit show HGTV Design Star, which skyrocketed his career as an interior designer. Since then, he has been the star of his own design show Color Splash as well as Summer Showdown. David’s approach to interior design is all about colour. He believes that incorporating bold colours in a space can add life and energy to a room, or garden, which is perfect for summer. From adding a small splash of colour with accessories or painting the walls an interesting shade of teal, David isn’t afraid to be bold with colour. If you love colour, check out his website for inspiration.


Candice Olson
Toronto-based Olson is known for her trademark uber-chic design style. The host of Divine Design and Candice Tells All loves to create sleek yet homey spaces with touches of luxury, so her portfolio is pure inspiration for making your holiday guests feel at home this summer. She likes using neutral colours to make the furniture the focal point of the room, but she also likes to add small touches of elegant colour like candy pinks or duck egg blue with table runners, pillows and curtains.


Genevieve Gorder
Gorder, an American designer from Minneapolis, is known for her show Dear Genevieve where she helps transform outdated, frumpy spaces into playfully retro-style rooms. To get a Genevieve-inspired space for the summer, try incorporating modern and eclectic furniture with a focus on colourful accessories, like lamps, pillows and rugs, like the white and orange chevron strip rug above. Visit her Facebook page for more inspiration.


Vern Yip
Yip, a Hong Kong-born American designer, has a unique eye for design that has helped him leave a mark as one of the most talented designers in the world. The rooms he designs typically have soothing colours mixed with luxury elements like candles, flowers and silk. He also likes to ensure that his spaces receive a lot of natural light as it adds balance and an illusion of grandeur to a room. Such a great tip for the summer and the abundance of natural light available. Follow him on HGTV’s Design on a Dime.


Lisa Laporta
Chicago designer Laporta likes to combine elegance with liveability. She chooses timeless and sophisticated colours – think salmon and steel grey. She also likes to use unique accessories, like a vintage candelabra or giant mirror, that stand out in a neutral space, which is a great idea for decorating on a budget this summer. Lisa also likes to incorporate artwork to add colour and tie the whole look together, like the blue print in the dining room above connecting with the blues in the upholstered seats.

Do you have a favourite interior designer?

Take A Look Inside Cameron Diaz’s Gorgeous NYC Apartment

Cameron Diaz has opened the doors to her New York apartment, inspired by her “innately sexy” personality – and let’s just say, we have major home envy. Take a look at these gorgeous photos…

The living room with its warm, neutral palette

The actress and her celebrity interior decorator Kelly Wearstler show off her two-bedroom, 222-square-metre West Village prewar apartment in the latest issue of ELLE Decor, and they haven’t scrimped on the luxury.

Main bedroom

Diaz, 41, describes her New York home, which she’s owned for several years, as “a bit like living in a silk-lined jewellery box.”

The apartment might not be big but every detail has been given the A-list treatment, with drawers lined in raw black silk, interiors of closets covered in custom wallpaper or bursts of vivid paint and plenty of bling.

Decadent main bathroom

“I blame my love of sparkly, shiny things on my Cuban roots,” says Diaz.

From the bedroom with its cool grey tones, to the bathroom gilded in gold and bronze, Wearstler says her celebrity client was very hands-on.

“Cameron taught me to be more sensitive to the hand of fabrics and textiles. She was so involved in every step…[she] has excellent taste and understands how colours work together and why quality pieces make rooms special.”


Home is definitely where the heart is for Diaz. “I’m surrounded by things that mean something to me. That’s what a home is.”

Guest bedroom

Cameron will next be seen playing Miss Hannigan in the upcoming remake of Annie.

Guest bathroom

What do you think of Cameron Diaz’s New York apartment? Which room is your favourite?