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How To Spruce Up Your Dining Room

The dining room doesn’t have to be boring, especially since it’s one of the most frequented rooms in the entire house. Rather than replacing everything in the room, try some of these simple design tips which will always make it feel modern and fresh.

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Hang a few of your favourite pieces of art on the walls. Make sure it’s something that fits into the colour scheme of the room and place it in an area that everyone will notice.

How To Spruce Up Your Dining Room


Mirrors make any room feel larger, especially the dining room which is often small and cramped. Choose a fun mosaic piece that is quirky and can also be made at home!

How To Spruce Up Your Dining Room


Since natural lighting in the dining room can often feel quite dark due to the lack of windows, make sure to pass on the chandeliers. They don’t give off much light and will actually weigh down the entire room. Downlights are a contemporary favourite that are also really easy to adjust for any occasion.

How To Spruce Up Your Dining Room


Bring a pop of colour to any dining room with a vase of flowers or pot plant to make it look homely. Just don’t forget to trim and water your plants!

How To Spruce Up Your Dining Room


Update your dining room with a few candles to make the perfect centrepiece during more important events. Save those scented candles for the bedroom or the bathroom!

How To Spruce Up Your Dining Room

Buffet table

If you’re hosting a large dinner party, a buffet table is a great investment to make since it can store all of the food. Then, guests can go around the table and serve themselves with ease.

How To Spruce Up Your Dining Room

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August 3, 2015

Throwback Thursday: 6 Interior Decorating Accounts To Follow

Whether you’re looking for some quick inspiration for your new bedroom, home office, or even a new house, then following some interior accounts is the best way to go about it.

Instagram is filled with many feeds – but where to start? We name our top ten interior decorating accounts which are sure to give you a lot of inspiration for that next project.

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The name says it all! An account packed with various styling tips for the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. With just shy of 30,000 followers, there are some seriously amazing styling tips to match your theme.

6 Interior Decorating Accounts To Follow


An online store in Sydney’s Northern Beaches which stocks a variety of trinkets for every room of the house. Here you will find laid-back decor which is inspired by the beach. Perfect if you like unique rugs, candles, and cocktail or two.

6 Interior Decorating Accounts To Follow


Offering a taste of modern design equipped with brass details mixed with traditional pine furniture. With over 400 photos, you will find it hard to keep your phone down!

6 Interior Decorating Accounts To Follow


Bringing together the best of beauty and interior designs is London native Kate Rooney. Her feed is always filled with makeup, marble bathrooms, and some seriously stylish living room inspiration.

6 Interior Decorating Accounts To Follow


A fresh assortment of unique homewares for every stage of life is the mantra that Wallabuy seems to express. With a number of local and international designers constantly featured, there is no end to this inspirational account!

6 Interior Decorating Accounts To Follow


Creating unique options for the home, kids, and office is one of the best ways to describe this beloved feed. Beware: there is lots of colour to be seen.

6 Interior Decorating Accounts To Follow

What are your favourite Instagram accounts for some interior inspiration?

July 23, 2015

Interior Essential: The Butterfly Chair

Looking for a way to update a sad corner in your bedroom or living room? Butterfly chairs are a trendy way to decorate any room, especially if you’re looking to splurge on a permanent piece. Pay attention to the finish; leather only looks better with age and is quick and easy to spot-clean.

Style your own butterfly chair with a little inspiration from our favourite rooms below!

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A minimalist lamp is the best way to update any room without going completely OTT, and out of your comfort zone. A chic side table plus a few throw pillows help to bring some life to any room.

Interior Essential: The Butterfly Chair


Bring some depth to the room with a no-fuss rug which is suitable for both summer and winter. Something such as a cow hide rug is ideal since it also ages really well.

Interior Essential: The Butterfly Chair


If leather isn’t really your thing, canvas butterfly chairs are also a popular item to invest in. Simply change the cover, and throw it into the washing machine once it stains!

Interior Essential: The Butterfly Chair

Faux fur

Make any room look instantly cozy with a faux fur throw. Choose darker colours if you don’t want them to stain, or simply use them as a decorating piece.

Interior Essential: The Butterfly Chair


Who knew a butterfly chair could make such an amazing piece for the office? Position it near the desk or in a corner for a quick nap!

Interior Essential: The Butterfly Chair

Brown leather

If black decor just isn’t your thing, try a softer colour palette to match the rest of the home. Copper and rose gold look great with brown leather, and they age so well.

Interior Essential: The Butterfly Chair

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July 22, 2015

How To Incorporate Colour Into The Home

Is your home or living room stuck in a monochrome phase? Rather than buying all of your items in various shades of black, white, and grey, give any room a pop of colour with these simple tips.

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Any type of artwork suspended on a canvas is a great way to bring some colour into any room. There are so many different colours, themes and styles to choose from, which is sure to fit in with your design aesthetic.

Canvas and Canvas is an affordable, Melbourne-based online store that sells unique pieces of art for any room and any type of budget. See how each piece of art fits in with your room using the free iPhone app, Happy Wall!

How To Incorporate Colour Into The Home


If you’re looking for a way to re-vamp your living room, choose a beige or cream-coloured couch instead of the same old black option. It’s a subtle way to introduce some colour into the room without feeling too overwhelming at the same time.

How To Incorporate Colour Into The Home


Fun and textured blankets or throw rugs are another inexpensive way to break up all the monochrome in any room. Whether it’s in the bedroom, living room, or even the kitchen – with towels of course.

How To Incorporate Colour Into The Home


Who else loves collecting fun little ornaments for the bookshelf or the coffee table? These could be anything you’ve collected from your travels, online, or even a bargain from the local markets. Don’t skimp on colour and remember to add some of your favourite books into the mix for a truly unique set-up.

How To Incorporate Colour Into The Home


If beautiful flowers are always on your agenda, ditch the standard white roses in favour of some stunning peonies or khalias. Not only do these flowers last for ages, but they’re definitely a conversation starter! Fake plants are another great alternative if you don’t want to deal with the maintenance of real flowers – there’s no shame in that!

How To Incorporate Colour Into The Home

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June 28, 2015

Sleeping In: The Best Canopy Bed Inspiration

A big, comfy bed is on all of our agendas, so why not splurge a little with a canopy-style for the bedroom? They are definitely the main focus of any room and evoke a classic style that also fits in with many contemporary design aesthetics. Browse from a few of our favourite canopy beds below to get inspired for your own room!

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Try thin, white curtains to bring some modern edge to your canopy bed. This bed comes with lamps attached to the canopy for easy access!

Sleeping In: The Best Canopy Bed Inspiration


Who else likes their bed comfy with a touch of wanderlust? This modem canopy bed is every travellers dream, equipped with a dream catcher and clean white linen.

Sleeping In: The Best Canopy Bed Inspiration


For an effortless summer bedroom, skip the heavy throws in favour of light linen for your canopy. Not only is it breathable, but it requires no ironing either!

Sleeping In: The Best Canopy Bed Inspiration


Any loft apartment isn’t completed without a beautiful bed, so why not make it a canopy bed? This is one of our favourites, since it isn’t your traditional style, and the curtains are instead draped over the top for an effortless look.

Sleeping In: The Best Canopy Bed Inspiration


If you’re designing the ultimate day bed for summer, why not transform it into a canopy bed? It can keep away those pesky insects during the evening and looks amazing during the day!

Sleeping In: The Best Canopy Bed Inspiration

Which canopy bed is your favourite? We can’t go past the loft in #4!

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June 25, 2015

5 Affordable Ways To Update Any Room

Does your room need a re-vamp this winter without burning a hole in your pocket? Try the following affordable ways to change the mood of any room without compromising your account balance, or maxing out another credit card!

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Make any space feel more homely by switching up the curtains in the room. This could mean replacing your old curtains with light-blocking ones, which could also save you some cash on electrical! Another great tip is to layer your curtains by using two rods for a truly unique look for the bedroom or living room.

5 Affordable Ways To Update Any Room


Small pot plants are another thrifty way to make the most of the space in the kitchen, bedroom or living room. If you’re on the busy side of life, a cactus or succulent is the best option since they don’t require much attention (watering) and won’t die after the first week!

5 Affordable Ways To Update Any Room


Small rugs for the living room are one of the best ways to switch up any space without going over the top. Pick something wild and colourful to bring some character to any room, or go for a rug which is chic and understated to complement the rest of your decor.

5 Affordable Ways To Update Any Room


Lets face it, blankets and throws are an essential for the winter weather. There’s nothing better than unwinding on the couch with a glass of red wine, Netflix on in the background, and feeling comfy with a blanket right on top. We suggest something dark which won’t shed or stain too easily.

5 Affordable Ways To Update Any Room


Create a warm, inviting ambience in any room by lighting a scented candle. You don’t have to spend half a fortune on something from Diptyque or Glasshouse either, incense or a cute little candle from Ikea is just as good!

5 Affordable Ways To Update Any Room

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June 21, 2015

5 Budget Apartment Decorating Ideas

Want to give your home a revamp without breaking the bank?

Try some of these inexpensive ideas which are perfect for every single room of the house, and can even be made at home yourself!

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Are you renting or just unable to paint the walls of your home? Decals and wallpaper are quick and easy ways to bring dimension and character to any room of the house. You have the option of creating a feature wall, designing the entire room, or simply just a corner of the house.

5 Budget Apartment Decorating Ideas


Believe it or not, there are a few different ways to incorporate fake plants into your home (and those which don’t look too tacky!). Simple shrubs often look best, just remember to dust them every now and then.

You can always pick the alternative and purchase a mini-cactus which requires little to no maintenance to look good.

5 Budget Apartment Decorating Ideas


Who doesn’t love a delicious candle during the winter time? It’s the perfect way to warm-up any room without spending a small fortune. Vanilla, lavender and fresh linen are all squeaky-clean scents which everyone is bound to enjoy.

5 Budget Apartment Decorating Ideas

Accent walls

Bring some life to your room with an accent wall made from inexpensive fabric and canvas. It is the perfect DIY project which everyone can partake in, plus it doesn’t take too long to create!

5 Budget Apartment Decorating Ideas

Photo frames

Hang some of your favourite family photos, holiday snaps, and pieces of art into individual photo frames. This way, you can create an effortless collage on the wall, and even design your work space or desk.

5 Budget Apartment Decorating Ideas

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May 26, 2015

5 Interior Design Tips For Winter

Need to update your home for the winter months ahead? Invest in a few of these must-haves to transform your interior and make any room feel warm and cosy, even if the temperature is dropping outside!

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Throws or blankets are a fantastic way to bring a little life into the living room. They can keep you warm whilst watching a movie, hanging out with friends, or even arranging them over the couch for decorative purposes.

5 Interior Design Tips For Winter


Whether it’s for the bedroom, living room, or even the hallway, plush rugs are ideal for every single room of the house. Not to mention that they’re really easy to clean if you spill a little something on the carpet… Just in case, of course!

5 Interior Design Tips For Winter

Bed linen

Who doesn’t love to decorate their bed with European pillows, throws and luxurious covers during the winter? This way, you can layer it up and still feel warm and cosy throughout the night. Quilt covers and comforters are available at many different price points to suit your needs.

5 Interior Design Tips For Winter


Winter is the perfect excuse to ditch the fresh flowers for something a little more long-term. Fake flowers are such a great investment since they will forever look the same (well, that’s obvious) and will blend into every room of the house. Place one in the living room and another in the bathroom for more of a homely feel.

5 Interior Design Tips For Winter

Faux fur

Did you think we forgot about faux fur? This popular trend is perfect as a rug, throw, or even a bed comforter since it adds a warm and fuzzy feel to any room.

5 Interior Design Tips For Winter

We would love to hear if you have any other alternatives, so please share them in the comments below!

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May 25, 2015

5 Interior Pieces Every Modern Home Needs

Rather than replacing every single piece in your home, invest in a few modern trinkets which will change the look of any room.

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Whether it’s a coffee table, book, or simply a small pot-plant for the kitchen, these five pieces can make a huge difference to your home.

Faux fur

With winter just around the corner, it’s time to bring out those warm and fluffy throws for the bedroom and the living room. Faux fur is a great option since it looks amazing and feels so luxurious!

5 Interior Pieces Every Modern Home Needs


Break up the usual clutter on your bookshelf with a terrarium or mini cactus. Not only do these plants require minimal upkeep, but they also look amazing in any part of the house.

5 Interior Pieces Every Modern Home Needs

Geometric rugs

Bring a little spice to a classic living room with a geometric rug. They will help to bring modernity to any living space and come in different shapes and sizes!

5 Interior Pieces Every Modern Home Needs


Why not place a sweet-smelling candle in the bathroom for the next time guests are coming over? They help to create a warm ambience and also act like a room freshener.

5 Interior Pieces Every Modern Home Needs


Instead of investing in an outdated portrait for the living room, do a little DIY and create some colour on a blank, white canvas. Not only will the piece look original, but it’s also very thrifty if you’re on a budget.

5 Interior Pieces Every Modern Home Needs

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April 8, 2015

5 Small Space Storage Ideas

Living in a small space can have its downsides, one of them being a lack of storage. While it is difficult to keep all of your things looking neat and tidy, there are innovative ways to organise all of your belongings. We bring you some of 2015’s hottest interior trends, designed for those living in house or apartment.

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Hanging bags

Keep everything from your toiletries to vegetables looking neat and tidy in small bags. This way, you can easily use a hook and arrange it neatly and clear some space from the cupboards.

5 Small Space Storage Ideas


Arrange your jewellery and accessories into various trays to keep everything organised. This way, you’re able to see everything without making a huge mess each time! Go one step further and label each tray so you know where everything should belong.

5 Small Space Storage Ideas

Book storage

Many coffee tables come with added storage compartments to keep your favourite magazines and books. Take advantage of this and organise some of your most-loved books to keep them handy for visitors.

5 Small Space Storage Ideas

Portable shelf

Where else but the bathroom could a portable shelf be needed more? Hang this straight onto the wall to maximise on space, and de-clutter the entire bathroom. Use it as a place to store haircare essentials which are always on rotation; straightening irons, hairdryers, and brushes.

5 Small Space Storage Ideas

Bed storage

Keep clothes and blankets which are out of season (and out of sight) under the bed. This is a simple way to clear out the rest of the room, and maximise on all the extra space in your drawers and wardrobe!

5 Small Space Storage Ideas

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January 17, 2015

5 Bookends Your Home Needs Now

If you have a variety of books in your home, or alternatively are hoping to build quite the collection, then bookends are definitely your next homeware purchase.

Not only are they always useful for keeping books looking tidy, but they are an inexpensive way to spice-up any room of the house. Shop a few of our favourites below, or simply use them as inspiration for your next DIY project.

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These heavy duty bookends come in at an affordable price, and will fit into every colour scheme without looking out of place. Featuring a non-scratch surface, they are perfect for a large volume of books without slipping out of place.

Screen shot 2014-12-29 at 11.54.29 AM

Officeworks Colby Heavy Duty Metal Bookends, $12.73


Part of the Geo Pastel Look which features a thick wooden bookend for accessorising your modern home. The rainbow colours feature are the finishing touch to your bookshelf, and inject a pop of colour without looking over-the-top.

Screen shot 2014-12-29 at 11.56.22 AM

Blue Space Bookends via Wallabuy, $70


For the modern-day cat lady comes these cute bookends available in matte black, or glossy high-shine finish. They are sturdy enough to keep your books in place, or could also be used to decorate almost any other part of the home.

Screen shot 2014-12-29 at 11.58.21 AM

Living Style Set of 2 Rustic Iron Bookends, $49


Suitable for both the living room and the kids room, are these minimalist bookends which are pink and white. The geometric prints aren’t too overpowering, and make the perfect gift for someone from Country Road’s new home-ware section.

Screen shot 2014-12-29 at 12.04.49 PM

Mitch Bookend, $39.95


Keep it nice and simple with this READ bookend to hold together all your shelf essentials. The capital letters are coated with polyresin, and are durable enough to withstand the usual wear and tear. But will still require the occasional dusting!

Screen shot 2014-12-29 at 12.08.06 PM

Zanui Read Bookend (set of 2), $64.95

What are some of your favourites?

Image via The Mindful Shopper

January 9, 2015

5 Famous Interior Designers Share Their Best Design Tips

Looking for interior decorating inspiration? We checked in with five famous interior designers to steal their secrets on creating a spectacular space.

1. Add life to a room
Mario Buatta knows the value of adding life to any type of room, so she opts for specific objects like live plants, books, baskets, and even quilts. Combine both vintage and modern pieces for an intriguing way of giving the room personality.


2. Use what speaks to you
Designer Nate Berkus recommends using objects in your home that speak to you, instead of just copying someone else’s style. It doesn’t have to be an heirloom or trendy accessory, but can simply be an item that you enjoy. He suggests trawling through flea markets and antique stores for one-of-a-kind finds. Also look for special pieces on your next holiday.


3. Use a grid
A grid can add a bold look to a room with artwork that hangs on the walls. “I like to hang multiple images in a tight grid, just shy of the length of the sofa, with equal margins at the top of the sofa and bottom of the ceiling moulding,” says designer Tom Stringer. This will add a eye-catching detail as well as balance to any room.


4. Add a decorative chair to each room
Designer Mariette Himes Gomez believes “every room needs at least one character chair for personality.” This offers a focal point to the space and can also make the room look more expensive.


5. Decorate with dimensional pillows
Jan Showers is known for her impeccable taste in mixing neutrals and colours in the chic homes that she designs. She recommends adding dimension to any couch or chair with pillows that pop and have interesting details.

What’s your interior design style? Tell us in the comments!

January 30, 2014

How To Use Colour In Your Home

Colour can make one of the biggest impacts on the look and feel of a room. Colour placement, patterns and coordination all work together to create an atmosphere that makes a room – and home – special. Some of our favourite famous interior designers like Jamie Drake and Anthony Baratta use accents like furniture and artwork to enhance room design, and colour to completely transform a space.

Follow these colour tips, suggestions and design inspiration for your interior decorating projects.

Anthony Baratta
Anthony Baratta is a NYC-based interior designer who’s motto is “one third function, two thirds delight.” Isn’t that a fantastic design philosophy? This is exactly what you’ll find with his fun, eclectic and colourful spaces, like this show-stopping retro-inspired living room accented with baby and royal blues.

jamiedrakeJamie Drake
Jamie Drake is a famous interior designer based in NYC, known for his “exuberant colour sense” that he incorporates into all his designs. And boy, is he not afraid of colour, just like this eye-popping fuchsia ottoman, with complimentary lamps, cushions and rug. Jamie often uses a neutral base colour for sofas and lounging furniture, and uses colour on the focal point of the room. This is one of our favourite design tips: when using colour, make sure the room is balanced and not overwhelmed with one colour.
Laura Day
Laura Day transitions houses to homes by keeping it simple, and adding pops of colour through accessories, like in the rich gold cushions and cerulean blue lamp above. Laura says “a neutral room can sing a different song every single day if only you accessorise.” One of her design philosophies is that choosing colourful accessories but keeping the bones of the room classically neutral make it easier to incorporate the changing seasons and different decorating trends.barbarabarryBarbara Barry
Colour doesn’t have to be loud, it can be subtle and natural and create just as much emotion as vibrant hues. This is Barbara Barry’s design philosophy. She attributes her Californian upbringing as one of the biggest design influences. Her elegant home design and favourite colour schemes take inspiration from nature, whether it be from a bouquet of flowers, the mountains or ocean. The dining room she designed above uses vintage yellows and greens like those found in nature to accent the natural wood table, and bring a sense of calm and familiarity to the space.

Bright and colourful? White on white? Subtle and understated? What are your favourite home colour schemes?

Photos: Design Milk /  Elle Decor / Laura Day / Elle Decor

January 22, 2014

Hottest Summer Design Trends

Thinking of giving your home a makeover but need some interior design inspiration? Leading homewares stylists Betty Wong and Lucy Wolstoneholme for MyHouse, who have just launched their Spring Summer Catalogue, share their exclusive round-up of the four hottest trends from colours to home accessories.



Cool and Coastal
Drawing inspiration from raw and rustic natural settings, this trend shies away from the signature ‘nautical’ style we already know that encompasses nautical stripe prints. Instead, this trend embraces the harmony of soft sand and sky colours from warm sandy beiges, seashore-inspired blues and cool grey stone qualities. This trend takes a renewed look at our relationship with the natural world and our fascination with organic looking spaces filled with natural materials and textures, weathered surfaces and a lot of light.


Bright and Breezy
Loud colour promises to be big in two ways this season. The first colour trend that remains hot this season is high-summer brights in all types of geometric patterns, embracing loud neon accents that instantly freshen up a room. No longer limited to smaller items, neon geometrics will be used to create modern depth with larger furniture such as a statement chair or coffee table. The second emerges from the great tropical escape that embraces everything from bright florals to tropical bird prints. Think dark, mossy greens lifted with neons to create an edgy and eclectic look and deep-rose hues combined with bright accents of intense yellows and electric blues.


Calm and Collected
Gone are the days of formal interiors. Home-owners long for a space to which they can retreat that exudes comfort. From this comes a new spin on the minimalistic trend of white on white. A far contrast from the days of sterilised spaces in cold hues, the new white movement embraces sophisticated shades of white married together with an abundance of texture. Throw into the mix soft greys, natural textures and stripes and you will create an environment that is peaceful and inviting.


Soft and Sweet
The more romantic of the trends sees the reemergence of soft & sweet. This sentiment is captured by the resurgence of spring-time colours that are inspired by nature’s wild foliage and care free textures, asserting a strong reference to childhood innocence. Blossom pinks are mixed with sky blues and buttercup yellows to create a family of floral inspired pastels.

What’s your favourite design trend for summer?

For more information or to view the full MyHouse range visit

November 3, 2013
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