Gwen’s Wacky Celeb Baby Name

February 14, 2002


Gwen’s wacky celeb baby name

Singer Gwen Stefani and her husband, musician Gavin Rossdale have welcomed their new baby boy into the world with the moniker Zumma Nesta Rock. A brother for two-year-old Kingston (a relatively normal name), there is no word yet as to the meaning or origin of the very unusual name. Meanwhile the bumpwatch brigade is focussed on Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria who appeared recently wearing an empire line dress, avoiding raw food and drinking water at a sushi restaurant.

Save Katie
Scientologist Katie Holmes is also the subject of baby bump speculation. She was recently photographed wearing baggy clothes with a slightly protruding tummy. Of more concern for Holmes, however, is the group planning to stage a protest against her Broadway debut. Her show, All My Sons, starts in October. The anti-Scientology group Anonymous plans to picket the show to prove a point about the dangers of Scientology and to save Katie from the religion.

Doing it for the Fans
Jennie Garth has said that it was the fans of 90210 who eventually convinced her to reprise her role as Kelly Taylor on the remake of the series. She initially wasn’t interested in the idea, but wanted to be there for the original fans. She says that the old feud between her and Shannen Doherty, who is also returning to the show, is water under the bridge, and that both have grown up and moved on. Garth has hinted that Jason Priestly who played Brandon Walsh on the original show may also return, although it may be in the capacity of director or producer, not an on-screen role. The new 90210 launches on Australian TV this week.

Baby Free Zone for George
George Clooney has declared that he is more than happy with his life without kids. He loves his bachelor lifestyle too much. Commenting at the launch of his new film Burn After Reading at the Venice Film Festival, Clooney said that he admired his friend and co-star Brad Pitt and his ever-expanding brood, saying that he and Angelina are great parents, and respected their patience and dedication. However, the ability to hang out with his friends, spend time in Italy, work when he wanted and not worry about anything were important to him. The heart throb was seen getting cosy with Argentinean-Italian singer Lola Ponce during his time in Venice.

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