Liz Hurley And Shane Warne Back On?

January 24, 2011

Liz Hurley And Shane Warne Back On?

“I’m here on business… some of it monkey!” And so tweeted Liz Hurley after a trip to LA last week where she was caught canoodling with Shane Warne all over again. So it looks like the most unlikely of romances is back on.

The 41 year-old cricketer followed up with a tweet describing his time in LA as “a great time and lots of fun.”

The couple were photographed kissing in a car in Santa Monica, where a hotel guest described them as love-struck teenagers.

When quizzed at LAX Warne admitted “yea I know, we’ve been busted.”

Rumours of a relationship surfaced back in December after the 45 year-old model announced her marriage to Arun Nayar was over. But the romance was sidetracked by Warne pursuing yet another woman, Aussie mother Adele Angeleri.

Do you think this relationship will last?

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