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Liz Hurley ditches the movie business

Liz Hurley ditches the movie business

Liz Hurley ditches the movie business

No more of this… what a shame
Elizabeth Hurley has decided not to appear in any more films as she is determined to be a good mum to her son, Damian. Considering her less than average performances in films such as Bedazzled, Austin Powers and a collection of unknown flops, this move probably shouldn?t disappoint the film-going public too much. She will still continue as the Estee Lauder model and is now a fashion designer. At the launch of her swimwear line in New York last week, she said, “I don’t want to leave my son for such long periods of time. This trip to New York is three days away from him, but a movie is three months, and I’ve decided not to do that until he’s older. I want to be there for him.” Her swimwear line is meant for people who want to look gorgeous but wish to cover the bits they don?t like. “I know that women have parts that they are not so happy with, so I was trying to really do something that would work with that.” Thanks for that Miss Perfect?

Keanu?s love from reel to real
Keanu Reeve?s love interest in the film Something?s Gotta Give seems to now be a reality. Yep that?s right ? Keanu and Diane Keaton are rumoured to be an item! The 40-year-old star Matrix star has reportedly spent the past few months getting closer to his 59-year-old co-star. Diane has been making regular visits to Keanu?s Los Angeles home and also attended the ceremony where he received a star on the walk of fame. Her past romances have included Woody Allen, Al Pacino and Warren Beatty and his past has featured tragedy with the stillborn birth of his baby girl in 1999 then the horrific freeway death of his girlfriend Jennifer Syme two years later. Lets hope there’s a happy ending for these two.

Heath to become a dad?
Well the rumours have been abounding for months but the big question remains: Are Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams expecting a baby? Someone confirm something before we explode! The pair have been together since meeting on the set of Brokeback Mountain, shortly before Heath and Naomi Watts split up. The story goes: photographers have been keenly documenting Michelle?s growing tummy (sounds like the pre-Britney curiosity) and American newspapers discovered a month ago that she has been attending a specialist pre-natal yoga class in Sydney?s eastern suburbs. Now it has been announced that Heath has been bragging to friends that his ex-Dawson?s Creek babe is expecting their first child. Surely an official announcement is nigh!

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