Liz Hurley: I eat more than one meal a day!

April 19, 2005

Liz Hurley: I eat more than one meal a day!

Grazes like a rabbit…
Liz Hurley only consuming one meal a day has been slammed by the star. She says she has no idea why “someone made up that really silly story”. She says she can?t possible miss food as she has a gall stone and low blood sugar. ?If I had one meal a day I’d been in hospital,” she said. Contrary to reports, Liz apparently grazes like a rabbit throughout the day. ?I can’t go for more than four hours without eating something or I feel physically sick.” So what?s the secret to her ultra slim body? Being a single mum and running up and down flights of stairs in her house apparently. “I’m very active. I don’t have a television set and I do a lot of walking, a lot of gardening, I take the dogs out I run around fields with my son the whole time and carry him for miles. My house has five flights of stairs which I spend my life running up and down and I don’t sit still very much.”

Desperate Housewives spunk?s naughty liaison
Desperate Housewives star Jesse Metcalfe has been seen flirting with none other than notorious party girl Tara Reid. The 25-year-old spunk was at the Young Hot Hollywood style party in Los Angeles last week and was seen spending a lot of time with the American Pie star. According to a source, “They hung out, flirted and left together.” Meanwhile… Jesse?s former lover in Desperate Housewives Eva Longoria says she really doesn?t mind having small boobs because her butt is her favourite part of her body. ?It’s shapely and it has served me well. I would much rather have a butt than boobs. I like being small.? But her body confidence is only a recent addition to the 30-year-old?s mindset. “I just came into my own sexuality at 30. I don’t think it’s something you can deeply experience at 18 or any time before that.”

Pop star Avril Lavigne is set to star as William Shatner?s daughter in the animated film Over the Hedge. Bruce Willis, Nick Nolte and Eugene Levy will all also be lending their voices to the film, which is a Dreamworks picture about a group of woodland friends who find their forest home has been encroached by a suburban housing development… UK celeb Jordan will be marrying Aussie expat Peter Andre in a September wedding and has chosen to celebrate her massive boobs with a wedding cake! The cake will be in the shape of her ample 32FF breasts as a tribute to the assets that made her fortune.

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