Liz Hurley to marry

October 11, 2005

Liz Hurley to marry

Liz Hurley has announced she and her boyfriend Arun Nayer are planning on marrying next Valentine?s Day. The pair have been dating since January 2003 and have been planning on getting married for some time, however were waiting for confirmation of Arun’s divorce from his Italian wife Valentina Pedroni. Liz told the Sunday Mirror, “We want to marry in February, possibly on Valentine’s Day.” They are intending to hold their nuptials in the Indian state of Rajasthan and are still considering who they?ll choose as a best man. Although Liz?s ex-lover Hugh Grant was a possibility, she has decided against him in favour of Elton John?s partner David Furnish. “No, Hugh will not be our best man,” she confirmed. “I might ask David though.”

Renee hits back at reporter
Renee Zellweger has stormed into the offices of the New York Post to confront a reporter who she says made her look ?slutty?. Only weeks after the breakdown of Renee?s marriage to Kenny Chesney, the newspaper reported that Irish singer Damien Rice was “her new beau”. According to Renee, the pair are just friends and implying she was with a new man implied something she was not. She went into the newspaper office, demanded the reporter come and talk to her, and told him: “That story was hurtful about me being with another man. It wasn’t true and it made me look slutty.” The 36-year-old maintains she and Damien have been mates for a long time and he was merely a friend by her side in a time of need.

Austin Powers 4
There could be a fourth Austin Powers movie, but rumour has it that it may not even involve the star Mike Myers. The producers behind the hit franchise are racing to produce their next instalment to coincide with the 2006 release of the new James Bond film Casino Royale. Apparently Seth Green would be the only Austin Powers regular to be involved, playing a younger version of his film dad Dr Evil. One regular, Michael York, will not be involved in the film but has heard the rumour also. “I have heard that they want to do a new film to coincide with the release of the next James Bond movie. Since 007 is going to be younger in that movie, they’re considering doing a Young Austin movie. I don’t know if Mike (Myers) would even be involved. It would probably be Seth Green playing Dr Evil Junior.”

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