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LMFF backstage hair tips

LMFF backstage hair tips

Copy the looks from the catwalks at L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival with these insider insights.

Marie Cain (Head Studio WA): Girls always find it hard to tong their own hair – this is understandable as I
have several small burns on my hands from doing models’ hair! Try using hot rollers instead – just make sure
they’re really hot when you put them in and you let them cool down completely before you take them out. Hot
tip? If they’re too hot to hold then they’re just right to put in!

Cassie Harwood (Hair Machine SA):
“Think: day old bread is good for making pudding and day old hair is great for holding curl! The best advice I
could give for setting your own hair in rollers or tongs, is to wash it the day before. The curl really will hold better
and for longer. Never set clean hair, it’s just too soft and will fall out. The ready to wear look of the minute is for
slightly under done curls so don’t be afraid to go about your heat styling the day after. If your hair is naturally
more oily, just load in plenty of mousse and dry it in after your wash.”

Terry Frankel, (Frankel, VIC):
“I always notice that the girls adore the typical Hollywood look – it’s a treat because no one attempts it
themselves! When we’re finished brushing out the curls, it’s amazing how much shine you can get. My hot tip:
curl with a smaller sized tong than you think you’re going to need. When you’re finished, don’t freak out at the
curls, they’ll relax down perfectly as you brush them all out.”


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