Logies lowdown

April 30, 2002

But why oh why does it go for sooo long? Bert didn?t present the Goldie Logie till 11.45pm! What is it this year with extra long ceremonies at award shows? The Oscars went for over 4 ? hours and looks like the local TV derby awards show wasn?t much shy of that… Where was everyone during the show? It looked like Wendy Harmer was doing a stand-up show to half-empty room for much of the night? Surely the TV personalities can wait till the after-party to pop out for a quick smoke? Or did the show drag on for sooo long that it was more fun standing outside gossiping than it was inside? Hmm…Our favourite stars down the red carpet were Rove McManus with beautiful partner Belinda Emmett proving with her new short, pixie brunette ?do that blondes don?t always have more fun! Susie Wilks in a side-splitting number was a SheSaid favourite, as was Georgie Parker?s and her frock to go with her second Gold Logie.

Other noticeable mentions should go to Kate Langbroek from The Panel ? who dresses that woman? Naomi Robson

her frock, and we loved her slave bracelet on her upper arm. Another favourite was former Bardot member Sophie Monk in a Bvlgari outfit! Was that a top or a scarf tied around her in triangular fashion? When questioned about the break-up of the Australian version of the Spice Girls, her response was “It’s very emotional.” Poor thing! At least now she can get back to shopping in shopping centres instead of singing in them! But best of all has to be the hostess with the mostest ? Wendy Harmer! As the first woman to host the big event, we didn?t mind her performance but it seems some people took real offense to it..Check out this comment from floundering showbiz hack Peter Ford as he decreed “she was an ageing, unfunny shrew who looked like her dress was made from the curtains of the Regent

Meow!On the spunks front ? and let?s face it, that?s what we were really watching for ? the SheSaid girls were more than happy to see Jamie Dury looking very sharp in a suit. He can come and blitz our backyard any old time! But what was Peter Phelps thinking with that fuzzy facial furniture? Didn?t he want anyone to recognise him winning a Logie or was that beard part of a new mysterious look? And how great was it to see famous US daytime soap stars at our very own Logies! Sexy squared-jawed Bold and the Beautiful star Ronn Moss has played Ridge Forrester for over 15 years now, and hasn?t aged a day! That?s Hollywood for you! He says he loves Australia and can?t wait to come back! Isn?t it good to know that you can still catch the odd of the B& the B episode once a year or so and still follow the plot!

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