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Logies Top 10 Worst Dressed

Logies Top 10 Worst Dressed

Logies Top 10 Worst Dressed

Catriona Rowntree

Catriona is so naturally gorgeous, with a personality to match – so why did she choose to wear something that looks like it belongs on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Katy Perry

Katy never leaves the house wearing anything less than eccentric, so why should appearing at the Logies be any different?

Masterchef George Calombaris

George went for that look that happens every year where a guy will pair a formal jacket with jeans, to ‘keep it real.’ Stick to cooking, George, not fashion.

Michelle Bridges

It’s too obvious, but this look really makes Michelle Bridges look like Australia’s Biggest Loser. Like something left over from Christmas morning.

Hayley Lewis

Another losing outfit from the Biggest Loser team. Luckily Steve “The Commando” Willis made up for it on our Best Dressed list.

Laura Dundovic

Former Miss Universe Australia contestant represents the worst of that ‘Gold Coast’ look – leopard print, way too much fake tan and bleached blonde hair.

Erin McNaught

Erin is just doing too much with this minimalist long sleeve white gown – fake tan, red lips, and turquoise shoes. Paired back, it could have been lovely in a Diane Kruger kind of way.

Livinia Nixon

Half leather corset, half romantic chiffon, Livinia’s black gown just doesn’t work on someone so girl-next-door.

Asher Keddie

Gold Logie nominee has such a pretty face, but this dress, with cutout back, doesn’t do her any favours. Colour would have been a better choice.

Brynne Edelsten

No surprises here! Brynne has gone for the Gone With The Wind look, predictably looking terrible.

Who was your worst dressed from this year’s Logies?

All images: Herald Sun

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