17 LolCats Every Cat Owner Will Instantly Relate To

September 16, 2016

Owning a cat means lots of laughs. 

If you’re a cat owner, you know your loveable furry friend is not only a great companion, but also really funny, and just a little bit weird. Every day poses a new reason to laugh – or cry – at a situation your cat has gotten itself into.

For example, one of my cats insists on pooping in our bathtub. We can’t figure out why, and have tried everything to stop him, but he seems absolutely determined to ruin my morning by leaving a fresh creation on the bottom of the tub every day. The other one will trick each of my three roommates into thinking he hasn’t been fed yet, getting more than one breakfast and dinner every day, and seeming quite pleased with himself about it, too.

Every cat has its own personality, but there are a number of quirks universal to nearly all felines, and us cat owners are well aware of the crazy antics our beloved pets get up to. If you own a cat, chances are, you’ll not only relate to these LolCats moments, you’ve probably experienced a few of them firsthand, too…

1. Their obsession with boxes can be really annoying.


2. And their love of plastic bags is weird.


3. They always sleep in the weirdest places.


4. And give off that look of disapproval they give when they see you naked or *ahem* doing the deed.


5. But they always seem to watch anyway…


6. In fact, they seem to judge everything you do (including fashion choices).


7. They like to bring you ‘gifts’ you’d prefer not to have.


8. You’re well acquainted with the look of pure hatred they give when you have to bath them.


9. They think your laptop is a bed and don’t care if you have a deadline.


10. They don’t know the meaning of personal space, especially when you sleep.


11. And they always wake you up in the most annoying ways.

Funny Cat Pics (254)

12. They don’t like it when you pay attention to other things.


13. Some of the positions you catch them in are hilarious.


14. And you frequently find them hanging out in places they have no business being.


15. Cat farts are awful – and you swear they know when they do it.


16. Sometimes you doubt if they even like you.


17. But at the end of the day, you love your cat, and leaving them always sucks.


Images via LolCats.com

Comment: Does your cat have any weird habits?


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