Lonely Planet guide to Melbourne

November 30, 2004

Lonely Planet guide to Melbourne

Melbourne is lush: every facet of its nature is abundant and generous. Its denizens have connections to all parts of the world ? nurturing the metropolis of ideas that Melbourne generates and celebrates with gusto. It?s a city with wit, style and energy, yet it?s demure about its assets. Cobbled alleys and modest doorways conceal an astonishing array of world-class arts, cuisines, design, music, bars and shops. Serendipity is this city?s middle name.

Melbourne celebrates its diverse components with a public festival or event every other week, where the only door policy is a desire to join in. International events hosted around town include the Festival of the Arts, Comedy Festival and Film Festival. Sport-lovers are spoilt in Melbourne with the Melbourne Cup horse race and the grunt of the Australian Rules football, the Grand Prix and the cricket.

Melbourne?s inner neighbourhoods are thriving; each has a distinctive character. Bustling markets, eclectic caf?s, specialist shops and corner pubs are the stuff of life here. No visit to Melbourne is complete without a stop in seaside St Kilda, and you can?t miss Brunswick St, Fitzroy; it simply won?t let you ? the pull of its audacious assortment of caf?s, restaurants, and funky shops will drag you away from the bars and bijoux boutiques in the CBD precincts. Lygon St, Carlton, on the other hand, will seduce you with its Italian chic, and you?ll drift over to Victoria St (Richmond) on the wave of enticing aromas emanating from its Vietnamese kitchens. You may even flit down Chapel St (Prahran), drawn to the designer clothing stores by day, and the dimly lit bars and clubs after dusk.

Melbourne is a city blessed with flavour influences from around the globe and chefs bold enough to experiment with them. Caf? culture dominates by day, and coffee rules the caf?. By night, Melburnians slip into a svelte, comfortable bar. Lively and laid-back drinking dens are tucked away in every nook and cranny around town.

Melbourne has a tendency to be modest about its treasures, but there?s a riot of activity going on behind the ordered city grid. It?s as surprising as its weather and as diverse as its people. You only have to come to it to be richly rewarded; the city won?t come to you.

From Lonely Planet?s new guide to Melbourne.

5th edition
ISBN 1 74059 776 1
192 pages, 34 pages colour, 31 maps
A$ 32.90

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