Long-Distance Relationships – Can They Work?

June 16, 2010

Long Distance Relationships – Can They Work?

Kylie Minogue says she enjoys having a long-distance relationship.

The ‘All The Lovers’ singer – who has been dating Spanish model Andres Velencoso since October 2008 – admits their careers often keep the couple apart, but separation never causes them any problems.

She said: “Do I prefer it? In a way, to have time to do your own thing, to be compartmentalised like that, yes. When I try to do everything at once, it’s when I have a meltdown.”

“We try not to leave it too long between seeing each other. But he’s used to travelling, I’m used to travelling. That’s how the relationship started. It works for me and I think it works for him.”

But for others, long-distance relationships haven’t run so smoothly. Not being together, different time zones making communicating difficult, and the fear of you or your partner meeting somebody else, are just some of the strains to deal with.

Have you had a long-distance relationship? Did it work out happily ever after, or was it all just too hard? Share the details here.

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