How to Look 10 Years Younger

November 25, 2010

Look 10 Years Younger

Forget plastic surgery or Botox! We share 10 simple beauty tricks that will take years off.

Remember less is definitely more with makeup. Notice how Demi Moore, 48, Lauren Hutton, 67, and other gorgeous 40+ women follow these rules with natural colours, defined eyes and brows, glowing cheeks and dewy lips.

1. Are you using the right foundation? Try a light foundation or tinted moisturiser that will melt into the skin instead of sitting on your face. A sheer foundation reflects light and makes your skin glow.

2. Erase the tiredness in your face with concealer. Either using a fine brush or concealer pen, sparingly brush concealer over any dark lines or spots. Start with the veins in your under-eyes, the inner corners of your eyes near the nose, around the nostrils, and the little bow in your top lip.

3. Lips thin as you age so here’s a trick to make your lips look fuller: using your concealer, pat a small amount just around the lip line and blend outwards. Then take a large powder brush and sweep over the face to blend it in to your face.

4. As we age our skin loses definition and bronzer is brilliant for creating contours in the face. Sweep lightly over the cheekbones, down the centre of the nose, around the hairline and along the neck.

5. An illuminator, whether powder or liquid, is a favourite beauty product of makeup artists to make the face glow. Bobbi Brown taps a soft brush into her best-selling Shimmer Bricks and blows off the excess, then simply dot it around the temples, hairline and along the side of the face.

6. An eye primer is essential for freshening the eyes and masking crepey skin. Try a nude or yellow-toned primer, shadow or concealer. Blend all the way into the inner eye area and up to the brow. For an extra lift, makeup artists dot white eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eye for a wide awake look.

7. A great tip to make eyes appear younger is to dot eyeliner in a softer shade than black, such as khaki or bronze, along the lower lashes and smudge so you have a natural definition but no harsh lines. Then line the upper lid as close to the lash line as possible with the same shade or slightly darker. A polished eye look without weighing down the eyes with a lot of product.

8. Eyes sag as we get older, so perking up brows is like having a mini facelift. Take a thin brow pencil or powder in a shade similar or lighter than your brow colour, and feather in soft lines to create an arch and fill in any patches.

9. Mascara is a must to define the eyes. Only coat the top lashes as mascara on the lower lashes can smudge and make the under eye area look dark and tired. Avoid clumps by carefully pulling the mascara wand through the lashes; this will also make them appear longer.

10. Forget lip liner as it makes lips appear even thinner. Lipstick, gloss or a tinted lip balm is best for dewy, youthful lips. Avoid frosty shades though, as that thins the lips even more. And if you’re used to wearing dark lip colours, try a shade or two lighter for a fresh, modern look.

What are your best makeup tricks for looking younger?

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