How to Take Care of Flowers?

February 5, 2002

If you’re expecting a rather large florist van to pull up outside your house on the morning of Valentine’s Day, or if you’re planning on giving your man some flowers then you need the Valentine’s Flower Survival Guide.

How much water?
Flowers need to be nurtured. When buying flowers always ask the florist on information about the care of the flowers. How much water? When should you change the water and so on? Most florists recommend that you replace the water every two to three days and re-cut the stems. The more you know the longer your flowers will last.

Choosing flowers If you’re choosing the flowers, make sure you check that the flower is firm and the leaves are healthy and green. Check that the flowers don’t have any bruises or imperfections. Don’t be embarrassed about asking the florist to replace a yellow or brown looking flower for something that has more life.

Sunlight Do you wonder why your flowers never last? The local florist, that SheSaid use said “Never place your flowers in direct sunlight or a room that always remains hot.” Another problem is air-conditioning – flowers dry out when there is air-conditioning. If you get your Valentines flowers at work you should take them home that day. It’s alright to have them in the office for the day, but remember to take them with you when you leave.

Cut the stems Everyone needs them – so invest in a pair of good secateurs. They are the only accessories that will cut a stem neatly and cleanly. Ordinary scissors won’t work. Cut about¬†two to three¬†centimetres off the stems (depending on how long the stems are).

Love Just like your valentine, flowers need love and attention. Look after them and they will shine.

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