How To Lose The Extra Baby Weight

June 22, 2014
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The stress doesn’t exactly end with having a newborn baby to look after, but getting motivated to lose those extra kilograms can play havoc on your mind. Engaging in some mild exercise techniques can make a world of difference, so remember to take some time-out for yourself, and unwind with a short walk or run. Exercise is just one way to lose the baby weight, keep reading to find out what else is effective when attempting to drop the last few kilograms.

Set goals

Setting forward realistic goals is the number one way to get motivated and back to a weight which is manageable. Buying a new item of clothing is a good way to keep motivated and stay on track with you weight loss journey. If your problem is over-eating, start a food journal and document everything you eat and drink in a day then reflect on it before bedtime. This is an often confronting way to see what food we really eat on a daily basis. Or if the problem is with exercise, bring along a friend, since this will surely keep you more motivated to get out there.

Regular exercise

Simple exercise even inside of the house will help to tone your body before you know it. Walking up and down the stairs is a great example since it is an effective way to do some cardio throughout your day. If you find yourself with a bit of time, try Blogilates which is a fitness series found on YouTube focusing on toning and strengthening the body. These exercises can be undertaken at your own pace, and are completely free of charge.

Recovery shorts

Recommended by healthcare professionals, Recovery Shorts ($189) help women to regain their pre-baby body shape. They basically look like shapewear which aim to help women recovering from a C-section, give support to pelvic floor dysfunction (SPFD), and help to suck everything in as you move by strengthening muscles and their recovery from a recent pregnancy.

No binge eating

Unhealthy eating plans mostly end in binge eating lots of foods filled with preservatives, trans fats and lots of sugar. Eat foods which are slow-burning and filled with protein, these will keep you fuller for longer and will avoid any bad-snacking when 3:30 hits.

Eat in moderation

Adapt a healthy eating regime which you can manage over a long period of time. Crash diets, detoxes and cutting out major food groups in a bid o lose weight are not ideal since they could lead to binge eating and packing on the extra weight. Visiting a dietician or local GP will help to create a healthy eating plan which allows the maximum amount of vitamins and nutrients for your body. A balanced, and healthy eating regime will make your body look and feel re-energised.

The key is to let your body recover, and try not to rush getting back to your pre-baby body. Don’t be so hard on yourself! The transition will take time, and this can vary for each individual. Listen to your body and if you feel overworked, try to relax and work on eating healthily instead of pushing yourself physically.

Do you have any tips for losing the last few kilograms?

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By Felicia Sapountzis

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