Losing The Last 5kg

January 4, 2011

Losing The Last 5kg

Losing The Last 5kg – Simple Steps To Get The Body You Want Now by Susie Burrell. Published by Hardie Grant Books, RRP $19.95.

Indulged in too many Christmas cocktails? Bikini feeling a little snug this summer? Want to get rid of that final 5kg once and for all?

Many of us carry an extra 5kg because such a small amount of extra weight is so easy to put on (and just as easy to ignore). Now, nutritionist and weight loss specialist Susie Burrell, shows it’s also very easy to lose that last 5kgs – in only weeks – simply by making small changes to our everyday lives.

Susie is one of Australia’s leading dietitians. The key to her success lies in her unique training in both nutritional science and psychology. Traditionally, diets focus on the wrong part of your body – the belly, not the brain. Now, Losing the Last 5kgs examines the psychology behind what we eat and concentrates on strategies we can use to get our food, our weight and our body under control once and for all.

If you consider that an extra mince pie a day will leave you with an extra 1kg of body weight over the course of a month, it is not difficult to understand how Christmas cheer can really pile on the kilos. Here are some of the best tips known to keep the socialising on track without any extra kgs.

1) Going to parties hungry

Avoid overeating at cocktail events by ensuring you do not arrive starving. Events held late afternoon and early evening pose the biggest issue so try a highly filling food 60-90 minutes beforehand such as a meal replacement shake, apple, protein shake, cheese and wholegrain crackers or a handful of nuts.

2) Ditching the exercise

The warmer weather and longer days presents a perfect opportunity to do more activity, not less. Make it a priority to maintain gym commitments, regular walks and take the kids to the beach, park or organized activities as much as you can to help compensate for the extra food you are likely to be eating.

3) Overindulging too early in the season

The truth is that all of the treats and alcohol are really celebrating one day, not two months. Try and differentiate “special” occasions from run of the mill drinks and parties with work colleagues and acquaintances. This way you can indulge when there is a truly special occasion but keep on track with good habits for the weeks beforehand.

4) Buying too much food

Remember, if food is there, you will eat it. Large Christmas hampers, cupboards stocked with excessive amounts of snack food, chocolates and lollies are a recipe for disaster, particularly if you have young children at home who are likely to find the temptation too difficult to resist.

5) Snacking on poor quality canapés

Good quality cheese, seafood, nuts and chocolates are examples of foods that bring much taste and enjoyment to the palate, while cheap crackers, pastries and chips do not. Differentiate run of the mill packaged snack foods from good quality food that you only ever enjoy in small quantities on special occasions.

What are your best tips for losing weight?

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