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January 11, 2010

Courteney Cox Arquette schedules sex with her husband

The star of “Cougar Town” is so busy she has to plan weekly timeslots to get
it on with hubby David Arquette. But no matter how much she rearranges her
diary, the 45-year-old star can only fit in one session a week.

“When you get married you just don’t have sex as much as some people running around,” David told a US talk show. “When you get married you’ve got to start scheduling it. We schedule it. It’s, like, once a week.”

David is thrilled with their arrangement, but admits he gets “frustrated”
when Courteney is late for their sexy appointments. On New Year’s Eve, he
says he had to wait 40 minutes while she talked to a friend on the phone.

He said: “I come back downstairs and I see her in the kitchen. I’m like,
‘You cannot be serious’. Then I just sat down, depressed.”

Sex schedule? Interesting idea! What do you think? Is it healthy for a relationship or not?

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