Why Do We Love Procrastinating?

April 18, 2015
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Have you been keeping busy all day and avoiding the real work? There’s no need to feel guilty about it, everyone does it. We all have moments (or hours, or days) when we spend our time doing everything else, but what really needs doing. So, why do we love procrastinating so much?

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It’s easy

Procrastination can seem a lot easier than getting things done, especially things that are somewhat difficult and important. But what if you took a long-term view? Would your life be easier in a week, a month, or a year from now if you were to keep doing what you’re doing now: procrastinating?

If you answered “yes” to this question, then it’s a good idea to look again at your priorities. If the thing you’re avoiding is not contributing to your life in any way, then it’s time to cross it off your list and move on to something else. You won’t be making a whole lot of progress on your projects, you’ll feel stressed out, guilty and dissatisfied with yourself if you don’t.

It’s comfortable

The idea of working hard goes against our love of comfort. It might lead to discomfort or even pain, so we’re reluctant to step outside of our comfort zone and often do just enough required of us that we can get away with. But what will happen if you look at your comfort zone from a long-term perspective? Will you still be comfortable in the future?

It’s safe

Our brains are wired to keep things the same. The habits we reinforce have kept us alive until now, so why change anything? The meaning of safety is not the same now as it was thousands of years ago. Nowadays we feel unsafe to try something different out of fear we might fail, but what we don’t realise is that in most cases it’s not going to lead to anything fatal. So what are you afraid of?

There’re no right or wrong answers to these questions. Sometimes procrastination can be good for you – it’s a sign that you’re not on the right track and that you need to reassess your priorities. But if you’ve realised that you’re at ease, safety and comfort aren’t contributing much to your future happiness and fulfilment anymore, so it’s time to stop procrastinating. Take one small action step, then another one. You’ll create momentum and soon you’ll get into the flow of getting things done.

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