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April 12, 2005

1. Bloom Lip Stick: Sweety
This is a great moisturising lipstick but you need to apply a few coats to get good coverage. The colour is really sweet (hence the name I suppose) ? great to put when you don?t feel like much makeup but provides a light dusting of colour. It also has a great shimmer which makes it almost like a gloss. Also if you’re a little uncoordinated (like me!!) and you can?t manage to apply your lipstick where it?s meant to be, the Bloom Lip Brush is a great product. The brush means you can apply your lippy like a gloss and get the smooth, even coverage without bleeding.
RRP Lipstick $25
RRP Lip Brush $10
Stockists 03 9421 0200. www.bloomcosmetics.com

2. Estee Lauder Pure Pops Brush-On Colour
Estee Lauder have brought out these funky new lip glosses meant to be candy bright to create a glass like effect on your lips. It?s pretty good at it too! The best thing is the brush like applicator ? simply squeeze the other end and the gloss appears in the brush applicator. No gloss all over your fingers, no wastage and it creates a perfect shape over your lips.
RRP $35
From Estee Lauder counters nationally

3. Palladio Herbal Lip Gloss
Don?t let the strange name put you off this product, the consistency is light and not too sticky like many of the lip glosses on the market at the moment. Good colours available too. Thicker consistency so gives good coverage and doesn?t come off too easily. Worth a try!Also the gloss goes quite well with the Palladio Lip Stick!
RRP Lip gloss $17.95
RRP Lipstick $14.95
Stockist number 03 9557 8827

4. Glo Minerals ? Glo Liquid Lips
This is a divine new product from Glo Minerals! GloLiquid is a luxurious high-shine lip gloss again without the stickiness in many of these products. The GloLiquid lips comes in a great range of colours, especially ?Adore? and ?Sultry? which are both brown shades perfect for this winter!
RRP $19.95
Stockist details 1800 66 44 55

5. Miki -Lip Glazier Lip Gloss/ Lip Stick
These products are obviously aimed at a young market with the silver packaging and cute colours available. The gloss has a very light colour and consistency and in a groovy little tube with silver and little hearts on it, not too sticky and yet need to apply a bit to get good coverage. We tried ?Rich Grape? in the lip stick which was a very bold colour and smoothed on easily and effectively. Don?t forget to put on some liner as well though ? don?t want unsightly bleeding!! Great pressie for nieces and the young at heart!
Miki Lip Glazier Lip Gloss RRP $6.95
Miki Lip Stick RRP $4.95
Stockist number: 03 9568 5999

6. Sax Duo Ended Lip Shine in Wasted Wine
The great thing about the Sax lip gloss is that it comes with two versions of the same shade and two wands. Let me explain: on each end of the gloss there is a super glossy and shiny version and then a super sparkly version of the same shade! The colour is rich and deep ? really nice for a night out. It is one of the more sticky glosses and doesn?t quite glide on as well as some of the others but what it loses in stickiness, it makes up for in ingenuity!
RRP $12.95
Stockist 03 9568 5999 www.saxcosmetics.com

7. Yves Saint Laurent – Tinted Lip Balm
This little tube is quite deceiving the colours look really vibrant in the packaging but they are subtle and smooth when applied. Unlike the Lancome Juicey Jubes, which this product looks very similar too, the YSL Lip Balm doesn?t have that yucky way too sticky look or feel about it all. It is more as the product description suggests, a very good ?tinted lip balm:, so if you don?t want to look like Britney or Paris with ooohy goohy lips then this might be best for you!
RRP $43.00
Stockist 02 9965 9722

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