How to hydrate your skin

December 9, 2003

Love your skin
Alcohol, late nights and eating nothing but finger food for weeks on end can really play havoc with your skin. The number one rule for this summer is hydration ? inside and out.??

Aquaveta is a new bottled water developed with us busy chicks in mind. If you struggle with the requisite daily intake of 2 litres, try this fab fruit flavoured water. Aquaveta comes in three delish flavours Orange, Lemon and Lime each containing 1% juice, and with its own blend of essential vitamins and minerals to suit your needs. $2.85 from convenience stores nationally. ??

Mega-B Super-Boost Hydrator from Dr.LeWinn is a smooth, oil-free liquid gel (contains 30% Hyaluronic Acid) is an amazing humectant, drawing moisture from the atmosphere into the skin, also binds collagen and elastin fibres which is essential for preventing connective tissue breakdown. Used alone, it works as a moisture base for oily skins, and its at its best when used in with either Mega-C Serum or Cream, delivering unparalleled rehydration for the skin. RRP $75.00 / 30ml Dr. LeWinn?s Private Formula products are available from pharmacies and department stores nationally or call 1800 033 122.??

Have you got protection??

Protecting your skin again harmful UV rays and free radicals is not only a beauty-must, it could save your life! Living in ?a sunburnt country? our skins are exposed to lots of sun most of the year, giving us one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. Not pretty. Be sensible with your sun exposure this summer. Avoid direct sun from 12 ? 3pm. Wear a hat, there are plenty of super funky options out there for head wear this season. And don?t forget your sunscreen. New generation formulas mean greasy, ghost faces are a thing of the past. And don?t forget your hair, use a leave in treatment with SPF too to protect your tresses from sun stress this summer.??

Our pick:?

Skinceuticals Ultimate UV Defense SPF30 with 7% transparent zinc oxide provides ultimate sun protection from damaging UVA rays. This product is perfect for our harsh Australian sun and was also formulated with photo-sensitive people in mind. $61.80 for 90mls of piece of mind and a care-free summer. Available from salons, clinics & spas nationally. Stockists 1 800 242 011 or visit

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