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Curtain Up! Why Going To The Theatre Is The Perfect Date

Curtain up! Light the lights! Going to the theatre has been a treasured pastime for hundreds of years. From Shakespeare to Sondheim, there is a play, musical, ballet, opera; you name it, for everyone. It’s fun, it’s exciting and (a fact that is often overlooked) it is a fabulous venue to bring somebody you really want to impress. Here are 5 reasons why going to the theatre is a fabulous date idea.

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1. It’s the perfect mix of glamorous and casual

Like to dress up, but tired of the conversation-trumping thumping bass of a concert/club? Want a sense of occasion, rather than the jeans-and-a-cute-top movie date getup? The theatre gives you the opportunity to frock up, but still allows you time before, at intermission, and after the show to actually converse at a normal volume. Enjoy waking up with memories of show tunes and scintillating conversation, rather than with a pounding headache, a sore throat and a guilty conscience.

2. Location, location, location

Theatres are usually located right in the city centre; close to restaurants, cocktail lounges and other nightlife. Have a quick drink, or perhaps even a three course meal pre-show, then mosey on down to theatre-land, dressed to the nines, and let your meal settle through Act 1. But whatever you do; DON’T BE LATE. Most productions have a lockout period of 5 minutes to a whole act, so it’s best to arrive about 15 minutes before show time, especially if you’re picking up your tickets at the box office.

3. Avoid awkward silences

Let’s face it; we’ve all been on a date when the conversation hasn’t quite been flowing. In fact, it’s been stuttering and starting like a steam train with a sleeping driver. On a regular date, you’ll often have to delve into the darkest recesses of your ‘date dialogue’, perhaps even dusting off the time your sister’s graduation gown caught fire. On a theatre date; when in doubt, chat about the show! It’s easier to construct a conversation around a play/musical than a movie because there is far less footage online. Odds are neither one of you will have had any idea what it’s about, which leaves plenty of room for discussion. It’s even more interesting if you both decide you’re hating it…makes the second act twice as entertaining.

4. Grab an autograph at the end of the show

Loved a particular actor or actress? Moved to tears by the awesome-ness you just witnessed? Can’t bear to leave without showing your appreciation? No problem! Head around to the stage door with your date and wait until the performers emerge. They’re more than happy to sign your program/merchandise/bra and have a bit of a chat. It prolongs the experience and you’ll have something you’ll treasure forever (or lose next time you move house). It’s much easier than battling security and every teenager in Australia to catch a glimpse of Taylor Swift trying to leave the building with her entourage (yes, I’ve been there).

5. There is nothing like live theatre

Live theatre is something everybody should experience. As performers have to recreate themselves every night, you will witness a living, breathing entity that ebbs and flows with whatever energy it may be channelling on a particular day. The skill of theatre actors is extraordinary and watching them in action is awe-inspiring. There are no second chances, no opportunities to do an extra take if they forget a line and no safety net, except for their fellow performers. Whether everything goes smoothly or the set falls to pieces, a theatre date is always memorable!

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The Ultimate Hot Winter Date Idea To Get You Talking

Forget about snuggling up in front of the TV for another night of silence and instead try this hot winter date idea to get you talking, laughing and canoodling. It’s all about reconnecting and laying the foundation for a strong relationship, so why not have a bit of fun together and invest in some quality couple time.

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Now, dates don’t have to cost a lot of money. In fact, the greatest dates are often the cheapest dates – it’s just a matter of using your imagination to come up with things you can both enjoy. So, pop your credit card away and take a look at what sort of hot winter date idea we’ve got for you. It doesn’t have to cost a cent to help your relationship blossom.

The bubble bath date

This date will cost you nothing and it can be a lot of fun. You just need each grab a glass of wine, or even a cup of hot chocolate, and set the bathroom up for the mood that you’d like to achieve. For example, if you want a night of communication rather than pure passion, light the room with more than just basic candlelight.

Also, don’t forget about the power of scent, which is prefect to use in a smaller space like a bathroom. If you want a night to reconnect and spend hours talking, Ylang Ylang is a good choice. It also has a seductive power so it has a dual purpose.

There’s something very soothing about water, but we tend to avoid it in winter. This idea reminds us of just how good it can feel to be submerged in it, despite being cold outside. Make the water as warm as you wish and keep topping it up as it gets colder. Also, take in a bottle of water each because dehydration is the primary reason why you’ll want to get out. The idea is to spend time together in there, relax and let the stresses of life melt away.

We often forget just how nice it can be to feel the naked skin of our lover when we’re wearing layers of clothes in winter. Plus, the sensation of touch can elicit communication. In a small environment like a bathtub you’ve basically got a captured audience, so use it to your advantage and make it a place where you can reconnect on a regular basis. You’ll be surprised at just how relaxed and reconnected you’ll be after a night together away from your regular routine.

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Cheap Romantic Date Ideas For Autumn

Now that the heavy heat of summer is on it’s way out it’s the perfect time to play. Dating should be about having fun AND getting to know each other. So I’ve got some romantic ideas which do just that. Plus it doesn’t need to cost either of you a fortune. Get back to basics, open channels for communication, learn about each other or reconnect and have some fun along the way.

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A date at the Botanical Gardens

There’s a Botanical Garden in each major city and some in the smaller towns so why not use one for a romantic date location. Most are free to enter, you can stay for hours and it doesn’t need to cost a cent! If you think this sounds boring and not you’re thing you’ve obviously never strolled along hand in hand, played hide and seek, jumped around in the leaves together or stolen a kiss under the amazing falling foliage. It’s VERY romantic.

Plus the colours during autumn are spectacular and simply don’t get any better. It’s the perfect place to take some incredible couple pics or a selfie or two. Most have a cafe or coffee shop within the grounds or somewhere nearby so why not grab a quick bite to eat during the day. If budgets an issue pack a perfect picnic for two and find somewhere private for a cuddle.

A date with animals

Why should couples with kids have all the fun? There’s something special about going to a zoo or wildlife park with your partner. Even though there’s an entry fee, it’s great value for money and an awesome cause. Once you’re in the grounds checkout the exhibits at your leisure and spend the entire day.

There’s nothing wrong with a spot of rain either. The animals like a bit of relief from the summers heat. Take an umbrella or buy a cheap weatherproof poncho and away you go. You can spend hours watching the animals and getting lost together in some of the over grown or secluded lane-ways.

A dinner date watching the sunset

The sun rises and sets everyday but we seldom take time out of our busy schedules to appreciate it. So although the weather might not be great for an outdoor meal at dusk, that’s exactly what they invented snuggling for! Find somewhere secluded, park the car, take a meal, relax and witness natures beauty together. It doesn’t matter where you live you should be able to find an incredible  view. Plus when it gets dark no-one will be able to see what you get up to in that car. Going parking is totally underrated and why should teens have all the fun? Be discrete and careful not to get caught!

A technology-free date

When was the last time you switched off the TV, computer or phone and played a game together? Better still, have you ever done it? Twisters a good one or how about poker with a bit of flair and fewer clothes? Ditch the technology and have a night in with a few games. They can be as tame or risque as you like. They are not only a lot of fun but it’s incredible how much people communicate without the added distraction of technology. Whether you are just getting to know each other or need to reconnect this one will work a treat!

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Irresistible Dessert Dates in Sydney

Rather than going for dinner and drinks on your next date, why not choose some of Sydney’s finest desserts instead?

We are a city known for our sweet-tooth which never stops, so take advantage of this and indulge with your next date! Try just some of our favourite places to enjoy a few sweets.

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Level 3 Westfield Sydney – Cnr of Pitt St Mall & Market St

Taste some of Ladurée’s iconic macarons, and complete your meal with a delicious coffee or signature hot chocolate. We recommend you try the salted caramel and pistachio which are must-haves at the original Ladurée in Paris.

RivaReno Gelato

280 Crown Street, Darlinghurst

Try an authentic taste of Italian Gelato in the heart of Sydney, which is easy to access by both car, public transport, and even by foot. The service is extremely welcoming, and offers a prime view of Crown Street and other restaurants nearby. The Belgian chocolate is a must-have if you have a huge sweet-tooth.


Randwick, Surry Hills, Crows Nest, Darlinghurst

Named after a traditional Hungarian pastry which is filled with nuts and chocolate, and often sold as street-snacks comes this charming bakery which is available at 4 different locations. If you’re a newcomer, try the Kurtosh with Nutella chocolate and a cup of coffee.

N2 Extreme Gelato

43/1 Dixon Street, Sydney

A new and innovative way to enjoy your treat, especially if you’re into the science behind each scoop of gelato! All options are made by Gelato Scientists in white laboratory coats (seriously though), and use liquid nitrogen for those signature smooth textures.

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Dating Ideas And Advice During December

Dating in December can be a bit tricky for a couple of reasons. The first is that there are people everywhere. Don’t you wish that they would all nick off because a quiet night at a local restaurant seems to be out of the question. With staff parties and end of year festivities happening, it’s likely you’ll actually need to make a booking. That throws spontaneity totally out the window for the next month or so.

Then there’s the second conundrum. Is it time for your new lover to meet the Fockers or Addams family? You know, those people who share your genes, but have you seriously considering if you were adopted? It might be tempting to take your date with you, but before you do, please keep reading.

So back to the first issue. Instead of heading to overcrowded restaurants during December, why not mixed it up a bit and do things a little different. Take the opportunity to engage the festivities and go along to Christmas pageants, carol evenings, light displays or whatever else your city or local area has going on.

If this sounds like a chore rather than an opportunity, you might want to pack a romantic picnic lunch and drive out to the country for some peace and quiet. You can pick some wild flowers which can still be found in remote areas or support some of the local businesses, strolling peacefully from shop to shop selecting Christmas gifts.

Hey, it certainly beats the hustle and bustle of the local mall! Plus small businesses out of the city will welcome the extra income. You never know what you’ll find as small towns often support local artists who hand make unique trinkets and create some stunning gifts.

If that doesn’t sound enticing, what about hiring a boat and having a day on the water? Or you could visit a museum, art gallery or do a photography tour. Don’t forget about scary night time tours of old jails. That will get the adrenaline pumping and nothing screams seduction like adding a bit of fear into your dating experience!

There’s heaps of options in lieu of sitting down and eating a meal together, so check out what’s around and do something different together. Some experiences need to be booked in advance and others can be spontaneous. Check online for opening times, costs and if any booking is required.

So, with a few dating options covered, what about that fateful family meeting? Maybe they have invited you for Christmas or vice versa. You really need to consider if you are ready to take that step. The family introduction is when things get serious and you are basically stating that this person is your potential life partner.

If you think it might be getting serious and this person is “the one”, the ultimate thing to remember is this; if it weren’t for upcoming family functions would you go out of your way to take this person to meet your family? If you aren’t ready for that, then the answer is relatively clear. Wait until you are certain before you introduce your family or meet theirs.

It maybe that they are keen for you to meet their family. Take this as an indication of where they would like the relationship to go. Once families become part of the equation you are in a serious relationship. If you don’t want that or are unsure then declining the offer and go to your family celebrations solo.

It’s all a matter of personal preference and you need to decide how you feel about the person. It maybe a simple Christmas invite, but often it signifies where the relationship is heading. Be mindful of this and do what feels right. Your gut instinct will usually lead you in the right direction.

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Fun Summery Date Ideas

Tired of the same-old dates which make you regret having plans in the first place? If you’re from Sydney, try just a few of our suggestions if you want something out of the ordinary for your next date.

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Luna Park

1 Olympic Drive, Milsons Point

Relieve your childhood and spend a day at Luna Park. If your stomach doesn’t take well to rides, simply enjoy some games and indulge your sweet tooth in some cotton candy.

Sunday Sessions

1 Notts Avenue, Bondi Beach

Enjoy an Aperol Spritz in the fabulous summer weather by heading down to one of their many locations across Sydney over the weekend. Relax by the water at Bondi Icebergs during one of their popular Sunday Sessions, or unwind with a relaxed day at Paddington Bowls.

Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk

Why not take advantage of the Sculpture by the Sea and take your date for an afternoon of fun by the water. Don’t forget to bring your camera!

Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace

380 Military Road, Cremorne

If the weather is a bit too overcast, spend the evening at one of Sydney’s most prestigious movie theatre’s. Located on bustling Military Road in Cremorne, this movie palace has been operating since 1935.

The Rocks Ghost Tours

110 George St, The Rocks

Explore the unique history of The Rocks by taking one of their well known Ghsot Tours. Available for family, birthday, and even corporate events, it is the perfect way to enjoy a different night out.

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Outdoor Dates On A Super Tight Budget

When was the last time you did something as simple as go parking with your special someone? Keeping the romance alive or romancing a new lover doesn’t necessarily involve spending a hand full of cash. There are some really simple, outdoor activities couples can do to spice up their love life and their sex life!

Cloud or star gazing

This might sound a little lame, but don’t knock it until you try it. I’ve had many a romantic afternoon with my partner watching the clouds go by. It’s a great thing to do on a lazy weekend or when funds are stretched to the limit. Throw down a rug, head to the backyard or local park and just lie back. The two of you can use your imaginations, laugh, talk, snuggle, cuddle – whatever you like. This is the absolute cheapest activity because the cost is zero!

A trip to the water

There is something very soothing about water. It doesn’t matter if it’s the beach or other body of water, going to a peaceful place like this is really rejuvenating. Rain, hail or shine, the view will always be spectacular and the trip there can be a great time to talk to your partner in peace or just enjoy being together.

Once you are there, you may choose to sit in the car and have a deep and meaningful conversation, while grabbing some hot chips and a loaf of bread for a bit of a meal. Maybe you decide to go for a walk, hand in hand. It doesn’t matter what you do but it will get you out of the house, away from the everyday stresses of life and give you both some precious time out.

Country or park picnic

When you live in the city getting out of that environment will de-stress you and have you both feeling relaxed. The most expensive thing about this will be the fuel. If the budget is really tight, you don’t need to go far for a bit of tranquillity. A secluded park in a neighboring suburb can be just as good. Pack a few sandwiches, some drinks and it can be a reasonably inexpensive outing. Bring along a frisbee or footy and get active.


Whether you set up a tent in the bush somewhere, local caravan park or even in the backyard, it doesn’t matter. If you are able to have a little campfire, go for it! Sitting by the fire is really romantic. If you can’t have a fire, enjoy time in the tent. The cold air outside will entice you to snuggle and being away from technology, like TVs and phones, will get you communicating.

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Best Romantic Date Ideas In Brisbane

Planning a date night in Brisbane but not sure where to go or what to do? Here are some ideas either for that first date or long overdue date night you’ve been meaning to take with your partner for months…

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Yatala Drive-In

If there’s one thing that screams romance it’s a drive in movie so consider the Yatala drive in, open seven days a week and showing the latest blockbuster films.  Cosy down for a romantic evening in front of the big screen in the comfort of your own car or spread a rug out on the grass.  The beauty of this date is that its casual, there is no dress code here and even better is the cost.  You’ll see two movies for the price of one at the cinema.  Before the movies start grab a bite to eat at the 50‘s style diner, serving everything from burgers to donuts, popcorn and sweets.

Eat Street Markets

If you love food and trying new things the Eat Street Markets on Hamilton Wharf could be the perfect spot for your next date.  Open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in the evenings you can find an array of international dishes courtesy of the fifty strong mini restaurants that cram into the area. From cronuts to seafood, ice cream to dumplings there is something here for everyone.  When you’re finished eating take a stroll down by the Brisbane River or jump on the Citycat service back down the river to the city.

Freestyle Tout

If you have a sweet tooth then you can’t go past Freestyle Tout in the Emporium for a romantic date.  This dessert café is open for lunch and dinner but the most popular thing to do here is simply eat dessert. How do white chocolate and raspberry brioche dumplings sound?  Or perhaps a raw chocolate hazelnut tart?  Spanish churros?  White chocolate pannacotta?  My mouth is salivating just thinking about it.  If you’re planning a date night away from home then stay at the decadent Emporium Hotel, located within the Emporium complex and just a stone’s throw from Freestyle Tout.


Southbank is one of Brisbane’s most popular spots because there is so much to do there.  Enjoy a date night by strolling down beside the river, taking in the view of the city or perhaps take a ride on the Wheel of Brisbane which stands almost sixty metres tall.  On Friday nights until 10pm the colourful Southbank markets fill the area with stalls of homewares, art, clothing, accessories, food and drinks.  River Quay in Southbank is a popular dining precinct set in a subtropical urban oasis where the atmosphere buzzes all the time, perfect for a relaxed date.

Storey Bridge Climb

If you don’t mind heights a twilight walk up the Storey Bridge could be the perfect date for you.  There are romance packages available that include a climb up the bridge as the sun sets over Brisbane, a memento photograph at the top of the bridge and one nights accommodation at the Brisbane Marriot Hotel.  The 360 degree views from the top are unforgettable, so you can guarantee it’ll be a night to remember.   

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5 Cheap Dates In Sydney Under $50

Getting a second date can often be difficult to achieve, especially if the atmosphere isn’t that great to begin with. Avoid breaking the bank with these five fun date ideas which won’t have you maxing-out those credit cards after all. 

Glebe markets

Where: Glebe Public School, Glebe Point Road 

Dress: Casual (Birkenstocks + boyfriend jeans will suffice for a day in the sun).

Drop by Glebe markets early on a Saturday morning to sample some gourmet foods, shop-up a storm from vintage as well as up-and-coming designers, and relax on the lawn and listen to some live music.

Gelato Messina

Where: Darlinghurst, Surry Hills, Pyrmont (The Star), Bondi, Parramatta

Dress: Anything you want! Dress up your outfit with some cute ankle boots

With now 5 locations across Sydney, there’s no better time to grab a cup (or cone) of delicious dessert than at Gelato Messina. Keep your eyes peeled for the specials board, which features yummy concoctions around for a limited time only!

The Winery

Where: 285A Crown Street, Surry Hills

Dress: Leather skirt, cute clutch and a smart blazer with fun accessories

The Winery is the perfect meeting place for that first date – food and drinks are modestly priced and it’s just a stones throw away from the CBD. Be sure to try the giggly rose if you want something arty to post on Instagram (next to your hot date of course).


Where: Blackwattle Bay Park, Cockatoo Island, McKell Park, Mrs Macquaries Chair

Dress: Jeans, shorts, handbag, and make sure to wear flats

What better way to enjoy the Sydney spring weather than to have a picnic outside! Pack your snacks (and wine), bring along the trusty picnic blanket and get to know your date in a relaxing setting.

Urban Pasta

Where: Barrangaroo, Walsh Bay

Dress: Wear comfortable walking shoes!

Food trucks have become one of the biggest trends of the year, with hundreds of people lining up for a taste of street food. Catch the next Urban Pasta food truck between 12-2pm for delicious cup of pasta.

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Top 5 Free Date Ideas

Take it from a student – dating is expensive! Paying for two people to eat out quickly puts a strain on your savings, and don’t get me started on cinema prices. But too often I find myself so focused on new and creative things to do with my significant other, that I forget the incredible free, and equally impressive, activities available in my city. To save some cash and have some fun, try these awesome free date ideas:

1. Homemade meal

Cook together or go for a picnic. Of course, it’s not entirely free considering you’ll have to provide your own ingredients – but if you’re lucky, you will already have some of those at the ready. It is also guaranteed to be less expensive than eating out. You can even add a few aphrodisiacs to start the fun for the rest of the evening.

2. Get outdoors

Go for a hike, go to the beach – just be outside. Explore your neighbourhood, or just lay in your backyard and look at the clouds or stars. Wherever you are, there’s likely to be some fun outdoor activities awaiting you. Get creative – the world is your oyster.

3. Check your local guide

Many cities and smaller towns have community events that are free. Whether that is a free day at the museum, or a gig at your local bar – you will be shocked at the number of things you will find!

4. Play a board game

Caution: competitive couples need not apply! If you don’t have any board games, check with your local cafes, community centers, bars, or libraries, which occasionally stock some. Failing that, you don’t even need a board – get to know each other with some “never have I ever…” or play a few rounds of charades. Extra points if you make up your own game.

5. Stay indoors

Enjoy a romantic day indoors. Watch movies, just hang out, take a bath together, or indulge in a bit of cheeky afternoon delight. There should be a number of exciting things to do in your own home if you have the imagination.

5 Cute Date Ideas in Melbourne

So here’s the scenario: Recently met someone you liked through mutual friends, on Tinder or just the old fashioned way – but have no where to go? This week, we’re focusing on cute date ideas in Melbourne. Whether you like strolling in the art gallery or just enjoy a glass (or two) of red wine, below are just a few suggestions to get the creative juices flowing.

National Art Gallery of Victoria – 180 St Kilda Road, Melbourne

Be sure to head over to the NGV for some exclusive exhibitions during the month of August. Browse the late modern and contemporary art pieces with your date, and don’t forget to pick up a souvenir from the gift shop on your way out!

Naked For Satan  285 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

Located in Fitzroy and featuring delicious Spanish cuisine, Naked For Satan is known throughout the city for its Pintxos and Walnut Croquettes. Open every day of the week, take your date out for a delicious assortment of flavoursome tapas meals.

Top Paddock  658 Church Street, Richmond

Fancy a breakfast or brunch date instead? Top Paddock boats a large selection of scrumptious muesli, hotcakes and their Instagram-worthy presentation. Open from 7am-4pm.

Secret Garden Bar  7/60 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda

For a night-out without the extra calories, definitely drag your date to Secret Garden in St Kilda for some amazing sugar-free cocktails. Relax on one of the many daybeds, and indulge in some live music.

Studley Park Boathouse  1 Boathouse Road, Kew

Ditch the drama from the city and go for a simple yet romantic boat ride in Studley Park. With complete views of the Botanic Gardens, this is the perfect date for anyone who loves to be outside with nature.

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Date Night Ideas For Your Anniversary

If your anniversary is right around the corner or simply just planning something special for a loved one, ideas can be difficult to come by since there is so much variety on hand. As always, the key is to pick something which you will both enjoy, but that doesn’t mean sticking to the same old date-nights that you’re used to. Below are just a few suggestions to inspire your own special evening together.


An anniversary doesn’t have to mean losing your head and all of your money. As long as you’re both having fun, isn’t that the best gift of all? If no parties are up for a big night, consider drinks and a bite for an ideal way to celebrate the special day. Indulge in delicious cocktails, and a variety of dishes which are best shared.

Longrain – 85 Commonwealth Street, Sydney


A dinner date is probably the most popular way to celebrate an anniversary, although this doesn’t imply that it’s dated or boring in any way. There is nothing better than a personalised menu for your big night, and Sokyo at The Star lets you create a variety of Asian-fusion dishes which no doubt everybody will enjoy. Before you sit down for some dinner, grab some delicious cocktails at Sokyo Lounge which are exclusive to the bar.

Sokyo Japanese Restaurant, Level G, The Darling 80 Pyrmont Street, Sydney


For a one-of-a-kind dining experience definitely try a degustation course which is perfect as an anniversary gift. Small courses of meals are made with great care and allow guests to taste the chef’s signature dishes in one complete sitting. Often matched with delicious wines that help to bring out the flavour of the meal, and usually consist of eight or more small dishes in one night. A truly unique experience that combines delicious taste and beautiful presentation into one dish.

Quay Restaurant – Upper Level, Overseas Passenger Terminal 5 Hickson Road, The Rocks

Image via Vardaan

By Felicia Sapountzis

3 Places To Take Your Ideal Date In Sydney

Finally you’ve snagged a first date with ‘the one’ but can’t seem to find the perfect place to go out and get to know each other. Make sure you pick a location which you will both enjoy, but also something fun and unique that will make a lasting impression. We have narrowed our picks to just three Sydney based locations which offer a fun vibe and mixed with good company will surely be a match made in heaven.

1. Eau de Vie, Darlinghurst

This intimate little bar is almost hidden away on Darlinghurst Road but if you find it, there’s a reason why it’s been voted bar of the year multiple years in a row. With light jazz music setting the ambience and expert bartenders on hand to create award winning cocktails, the date will prove to be anything but boring. Order the Noble Experiment which is an ice cold martini made using liquid nitrogen.

2. Franco Franco, Surry Hills

If you’re craving some authentic Italian cuisine, head to Franco Franco for their wood-fired pizza, pasta and so much more. Located on bustling Crown Street, the restaurant offers authentic recipes from southern Italy, with techniques and ingredients which have been used for centuries. There is a large menu to choose from including breakfast, lunch, wines and specialised set menu’s as well.

3. Ms.G’s, Potts Point

Ms.G’s is a mixture of traditional Asian cuisine with a pinch ofmodern taste which everyone can enjoy. Executive chef Dan Hong and Head chef Paul Donnelly create specialised dishes using traditional Asian ingredients and adapt this to a contemporary taste palate. The restaurant is intricately detailed as you would expect all Merivale restaurants to be, and is very modern and functional. If you just want to pop in for a drink, head to the bar upstairs where there is always a variety of beer, wine and sake on offer. Open for both lunch and dinner.

These are just a few suggestions which combine tasty food and drinks in busy metropolitan areas, where there is always something close-by if you wanted to pop into a bar afterwards. Be sure to do your research and find a place (and cuisine) which you will both enjoy, (and won’t be struggling to hear each other over the music!).

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By Felicia Sapountzis

Cute Date Ideas for a Lazy Weekend

Sometimes, after a crazy, stressful week, you just want to put on your comfy sweats and collapse by the time Friday night rolls around. We all need a lazy weekend once in a while to recharge and refresh. But what if you still want to have a fun date? Here are some cute date ideas for a romantic, lazy weekend.

Book a night at a romantic Bed and Breakfast
A relaxing, romantic B&B is the perfect destination if you’re looking for a lazy weekend. Try to find a B&B with a crackling fireplace or a jacuzzi tub for two. You can venture out of your room for dinner if you want, or ask your host to send up a cozy supper for two to your room. Forget sightseeing, just be open and spontaneous and do whatever feels right.

Linger over brunch
Whoever invented brunch is a genius! It’s the perfect meal for a lazy weekend date. You can sleep as late as you want and then head out a decadent brunch whenever you feel like it. Unlimited mimosas are a must (but make sure you avoid a hangover!).

Movie marathon
Head to the cinemas for a movie marathon. Perhaps you can pick one movie and he can pick another, or you can choose a theme: adventure? Rom-coms? Documentaries? IMAX? Popcorn and snacks are essentials.

Date Ideas: Married With Kids Edition

Sure, children are a joy, but don’t sacrifice the relationship you had with your partner before your lives were filled with soccer training, school lunchboxes and sleepless nights. It’s so important to have time together where you can switch off from being Mum and Dad and revert to your pre-kids selves. Even if you can’t afford a babysitter every weekend, here are some great little date ideas to keep the romance alive in your marriage:

Take a bath together

Not only is a bath free, it is incredibly intimate and one of the best ways to relax after a hard day of work and children shenanigans. Use bubbles, salts, candles, or whatever takes it from bath time to romance. Crack open a bottle of red wine to enter ultimate relaxation mode.

Make a meal together

Nightly dinners with kids often resemble feeding time at the zoo, so you try to find quick and easy recipes that will free your evening up for other things. Every once in a while, don’t think of making dinner as a chore, but rather as an opportunity to spend some time unwinding with your partner by cooking the family meal together. Maybe try something a little more sophisticated than spaghetti Bolognese! Be alone in the kitchen, take your time, and enjoy the process.


This is the perfect activity to do after the children have gone to sleep. Instead of just falling into an exhausted heap on your bed like you normally would, grab massage oils (or simply moisturiser) and take turns massaging each other. Not only does it show your love and appreciation for your partner, it’s a free massage! Why go to a day spa when you have a husband?

Find a new hobby

Just when you think you know all the ins and outs of your partner, find something new that you can mutually enjoy. Take a cooking class, an art class, get surfing lessons, or find a new author you both can pore over and discuss.

If you consider yourselves foodies, take a night off each week to explore your local restaurants. If you are an active couple, go for a walk every evening or on a hike every weekend—even joining a gym together means time away from the kids (plus added health benefits!)

Keep the spark in your marriage by escaping a mundane routine.

Weekend trips

This one requires a babysitter of some sort. Drop the kids off at their grandparents’ place or with a close friend and skip town for the weekend. Escape to a bed and breakfast in the country for a few days of (rare) tranquillity, or drive to the nearest buzzing metropolis and get lost in urban paradise together. Sometimes you need a reminder of what it’s like to be a couple, rather than a family.

What little things do you do to keep the romance alive in your marriage?

Creative Spring Date Ideas

With cold weather on its way out (finally!), the season for romantic dates beyond the movie theater and coffee shop is here. Here’s a list of creative spring date ideas that make the most of the season.

Visit a farmers market and host spring brunch

Sick of seeing the same root vegetables at the market? Yep, us too. Visit your local farmer’s market and pick up some new season produce, like fresh basil, tomatoes and berries. Don’t forget a bunch of daffodils to brighten your space. Then come home and cook a spring brunch – don’t forget the mimosas with fresh berries!

Host a chocolate festival

Grab a chocolate cookbook and prepare a chocaholic feast together! Master the art of soufflés, whip up a fluffy chocolate mousse, and get messy rolling chocolate truffles.

Volunteer at your local animal shelter

Cuddle and play with kittens and puppies, and don’t forget to ask the staff which of the older pets could most use some extra love. Take them for a walk – they’ll love feeling the sun on their fur too!

Enjoy nature together

You’ve been stuck indoors for months. Go on a hike or a visityour local botanical garden and celebrate the start of the warmer months. You could also turn the trip into a “treasure hunt” to see who spots different flowers or birds first.

Get planting!

Even if you live in an apartment everyone can enjoy their own herb garden. Pick up some herbsand a box planter at your local garden center, and get planting. Soon you’ll be enjoying fresh, fragrant herbs (and the pride of growing it yourself!).

5 Unconventional (and Totally Romantic) Date Ideas

After last month’s onslaught of red roses, teddy bears and chocolate boxes, you might feel a little tired of conventional store-bought romance. Here are some date ideas that are anything but conventional — no heart-shaped balloons in sight!

Book a flight anywhere
This is a tip for the more spontaneous couples out there: book the cheapest flight available to a city you don’t know, or have never been to, and fly away for the weekend! It could end up being a thrilling mini holiday, or it could leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere without any sign of accommodation or food. Either way, it will prove to be an unforgettable experience.

Chuck a Ferris
Take a leaf out of Ferris Bueller’s book and both call in sick for the day. The world is your oyster! Take a long lunch, wander around your local second-hand bookstore, go swimming at the pool together or just watch the world go by from the comfort of your bed. Or, do absolutely nothing at all in the knowledge that you would ordinarily be at work by now. Sometimes the best date is just spending time together.

Do something for others, together
Dates don’t have to ooze romance or cheesiness. Volunteer at the local soup kitchen with your partner and revel in the fact that you are making a contribution to your community. The experience is something you can share and it may even spark a new appreciation for one another.

Board games
Yes, you play board games with your family at get-togethers, on rainy days when cabin fever sets in, or when the power goes out and the Wifi is down. However, a quiet night in with a bottle of wine and a board game is simplistic fun and a great inartificial date. One tip: never play Monopoly on a date — it always ends in tears.

Go to the zoo
Who doesn’t love animals? The zoo is the perfect daytime date, and because it involves unlimited conversation triggers and constant movement between animal enclosures, it is a mighty fine first date idea also.

There are baby animals everywhere, and ice-cream kiosks on every corner. There is nothing more you could possibly want from a daytime date.

What has been your most memorable unconventional date?

By Elizabeth Rowe

Late Summer Date Ideas

Can you believe summer is almost gone? Before we say farewell to flip flops and gelato, make the most of these long, gorgeous days with a memorable summer date. The great thing about summer is you don’t have to do much planning to have a fun time. Here are a few romantic date ideas to make this summer hotter than ever.

Have an outdoor picnic
So you think picnics are a cliched date idea? You’re completely right! But here’s the thing…who cares! In a month or two you’ll be stuck indoors complaining that you never spent enough time with your honey at your favourite park or beach. So, throw a few tasty treats and cold beers into a tote bag, choose a comfortable, intimate spot and enjoy a late summer picnic.

Go restaurant hopping
Forget boring old dinner dates. Turn your night out into a moveable feast. Sample a variety of new flavours with an improvised restaurant hop.One way to break up the date is to enjoy each part of the meal at a different culinary spot. For example, cocktails at that new cocktail bar you’ve been dying to try, entrees at the cute Turkish place across the road, then take a walk and enjoy your main course at a food truck or market stall, and finish with dessert at a funky hole-in-the-wall.

Let’s get physical
Late summer is the perfect time to get outdoorsy with your man. The brutal heat is gone, with just endless sunshine, warm temperatures and stunning scenery to enjoy. only wise to take advantage of the sunshine, warm temperatures, and beautiful scenery. One of the best late summer date ideas is to engage in some friendly rivalry – whether you’re a big sports fan or not that adventurous. There’s never a shortage of outdoor things to do – think beach volleyball, tennis, mountain biking, kayaking, horseback riding or simply take a walk in the park.

Soak in a jacuzzi with a bottle of Champagne
It’s time to get your sexy on! When was the last time you lounged in a hot tub with a bottle of bubbly? Strip down to your cossie (it may be the last chance you get to wear it this summer!) and get hot and steamy with your sexy half-naked man.

What are your favourite late summer date ideas?

Cute Date Ideas for Foodies

If food is your passion, we’ve found some romantic and cute date ideas to keep you – and your taste buds – tantalised.

Visit a farmer’s market
A farmer’s market is the perfect place for a morning or afternoon date. Stroll together browsing through the season’s best fruits and vegetables. Sample local cheeses and smoked meats, baked goods and gelato. Then go home and cook up a spectacular brunch with all the locally-produced treats. You make the eggs, he makes the cocktails (hint: mimosas just need freshly-squeezed orange juice and sparkling wine!).

Tour a vineyard and do a wine tasting
Few locations are as scenic and relaxing as a vineyard. Take a tour of the vineyard and winery and learn about the whole process of wine-making. There’s nothing like being outdoors in the sun and fresh air together to make a date feel fun and energising. Then, try the wines, comparing tasting notes. Relax together and choose a few bottles to bring home with you as souvenirs of your romantic date.

Do a food safari
Forget travelling overseas to experience different tastes and cultures – have a food safari in your own city. Spend an evening hopping from place to place, grazing on delicious bites from around the world. Maybe you could start with a plate of soup dumplings at a Chinese restaurant, share some grilled skewers at a Malaysian hawker food stand, and finish with Korean BBQ (late-night karaoke is optional, but recommended!).

Get out on the ocean and catch your dinner
OK, so you think fishing is not for you? After spending a few weekends this summer fishing, I can tell you it’s completely exhilarating! Consider taking your date on an unforgettable deep-sea fishing trip and catch the freshest dinner you’ll ever enjoy. Or you can hop on a fishing charter or hire a private boat with all the fishing gear included. Sail out onto the open water and just have fun together as you see who has the superior fishing skills. When it’s time for dinner, get out the BBQ, pop open a bottle of bubbly and celebrate your fresh catch.

Discover a new restaurant together
Is there a new restaurant that’s creating lots of buzz? Start with cocktails first and really make a night out of it. Ask about the restaurant’s signature dishes, or consider the tasting menu so the chef can highlight their favourite dishes for you.  Try to book a romantic table out of the way of the busiest part of the restaurant so the two of you have a lovely spot to talk about the food, and each other, and really soak up the atmosphere.

What are your favourite food date ideas?

Fun First Date Ideas

Do you have a first date coming up? Keep calm. It’s going to be ok. The idea with planning a first date is to choose something unique and creative without it being too out there. We’ve got three tried-and-tested fun, romantic date ideas that will guarantee you a second date and beyond.

Be a local tourist
When was the last time you explored your own city? Seeing your city with someone else will give you both a new perspective and guarantee a fun day or night out. Check out local parks and attractions, a festival, or an exhibition. For something different and a little energetic, choose a mid-morning or afternoon walk along a well-known promenade or path. It’s always good to have a place nearby where you can grab a drink and bite afterwards.

Don’t cringe – bowling today is not the bowling of your childhood! Bowling can make for a great first date. It’s always a laugh, especially if you start off with a few drinks at the bar first to ease your nerves. Most bowling alleys now have a DJ or bands playing on different nights, and snacks to share after the game. You can plan a little wager on the game with the winner choosing where to go for drinks afterwards.

Cooking class
Rather than going out for dinner, why not sign up for a cooking class? This will give you both an opportunity to learn new skills and have fun while doing it, and it takes the pressure off having to be one-on-one. Afterwards, sit down to get to know each other over the delicious food you just prepared. 

Have a great first date idea? Share it in the comments!

Date Ideas for Boring Married Couples

Has routine replaced the romance in your relationship? Hey, we know what it’s like. You’re busy, your partner’s busy, and all you look forward to at the end of the day is pure, unadulterated sleep.

Planning date night is a must to keep the romance alive. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with dinner and a movie, but save the cliches for a rainy day. We’ve got some fun date ideas that will make your next date night a night to remember.

Take a trip down memory lane
When you were dating, every “first” was exciting. Relive that excitement by visiting some of the places that are the most special to the two of you. Revisit the restaurant where you had your first date, and end by taking a walk to where your partner proposed. One couple we know have dinner every month at the restaurant where they hosted their wedding reception. Treasure those memories, and make new ones.

Be a tourist
Pretend to be tourists in your own city. When was the last time you spent an afternoon admiring the animals at the zoo, having high tea at a 5-star hotel, checking out the views from your tallest tower, or taking a relaxing harbour cruise? And don’t forget to bring along your camera. No date is complete without plenty of cheesy photos of the two of you.

Learn something new together
Taking a class together is a great way to break free of monotony. Sharing a hobby draws you closer together and gives you something new and exciting to talk about. You could learn to cook a favourite cuisine, practise self defence, learn a new language or even take DJ classes! Your local community college has a never-ending roster of evening and weekend classes and you’re sure to find something you’re both interested in.

Get outside
The weather is gorgeous, so forget sitting inside and make the most of summer. Get some fresh air and enjoy quality time with your man outdoors, whether having an alfresco BBQ at the beach, or taking a scenic walk with drinks at a favourite beer garden afterwards. Getting outside is good for both the body and the soul.

What are your favourite date ideas? Share them in the comments!

4 (Non-Cheesy) Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

So you want to do something fun and romantic on Valentine’s Day, but then, of course, you don’t want to be a cliche. You want a genuine experience with your partner, not a Nicholas Sparks novel brought to life.

What are your options? How can you create a special night for the two of you (without rose petals on the bed or edible underwear?). Here are four Valentine’s Day date ideas you’ll both love.

Cook together
It sounds too simple, right? The best dates are often just that: simple. Cook something delicious, but not too complicated. Spending time together in the kitchen on Valentine’s Day should be fun and flirty, so no stressful soufflés or tricky tapenades. What do you both love to eat? Maybe you can recreate a dish you ate together on your first date, on the night you got engaged, or any time that was memorable for you as a couple.

Make a mess, spice things up, and then enjoy the meal together together. This is the time to open that bottle of wine you’ve been waiting to open on a special occasion (while it gathers dust on your wine rack). Make the meal feels like a celebration, which it is! You’re celebrating your love, and that deserves a toast.

Pack a picnic and go to an outdoor movie
The weather’s perfect for a picnic, and really, is there anything more romantic? If you can drink wine under the stars while watching a movie on the big screen, you’ve got yourself a pretty perfect date. Fill a basket with fun foods and a bottle of bubbly and spend Valentine’s Day in the fresh air.

Schedule a couple’s massage
Okay, this one may sound cheesy, but once your cares are being melted away by a warm, relaxing massage, you won’t care.  And trust us, most men might role their eyes at the idea of a massage, but we’ve yet to meet one who hasn’t loved it as much as you. After a session of pampering, both of you will feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready for a sexy evening in.

Do something adventurous
Whether adventure for you means a light hike or a ride on a rollercoaster, get outdoors and do something a little challenging together. There is nothing more exhilarating than getting out of your comfort zone and enjoying a daring adventure together. Take in the breathtaking view at the top of a mountain. Spend the night at an amusement park. Jump in the waves together at your local beach. Get outdoors and hold hands. You’ll have an unforgettable experience.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about red roses and heart-shaped chocolates if that’s too cheesy for you. Just think about what would be most fun for you and your partner and go with it. Celebrate your relationship and enjoy each other without any distractions. If you’re both relaxed and doing something you enjoy, your Valentine’s Day is sure to be a memorable, romantic date!

What are your favourite Valentine’s Day date ideas?

5 Hot Summer Date Ideas

It’s hot, the days are long, and you’re stuck for date ideas with your honey. There’s no better time to plan something fun and creative, whether it’s your second date or you’ve been together for, well, ever. Get inspired with these cute date ideas that make the most of summer.

Summer festivals
It’s raining festivals and fun across the country right now, from the Sydney Festival to Melbourne’s Friday night markets at Abbotsford Convent. Hit up your local Time Out website and check out their event listings. Or take a road trip to check out a nearby festival.

Dinner alfresco
Move your dinner outside in the summer. Many parks have free or cheap barbecues. The meal doesn’t have to be fancy – pack some drinks and cook up some steaks or seafood, sit and watch the stars – it’s even better than camping (all the romance, but no public showers to deal with). A picnic in the park – or on your balcony, is just as fun. Just don’t forget the citronella…

Cool off
Temperatures are soaring, so cool off with your honey. Hit up your favourite ice cream or frozen yogurt shop – it’s a great way to start or end the evening. See if there’s an aquatic park near you and splash around like kids. Sometimes finding refuge in air conditioning is the best answer – you can never go wrong with a bowling alley, cinema or crank up the AC at home and have a movie marathon.

A little culture
From outdoor movies to Shakespeare in the park, summer is the season to enjoy the arts without the stuffiness. Stop bemoaning the lack of live music and check out the bands at your local pub. Or do a gallery hop and unearth some undiscovered artists.

Sand and surf
Whether you sunbake, surf or stroll at sunset, there’s no better place to be in summer with your partner in crime than at the beach. If you don’t have a beach near you, enjoy the water at home with some daiquiris by the pool. No pool? No problem! We picked up a kid’s blow-up pool and it’s the best $30 we ever spent!

What are your favourite summer date ideas?

Best Date Night – For One

Let’s face it – everyone likes a hot date: the wine, the soft lighting, the excuse to indulge. But why wait for someone else to take you out? Here’s how to have the best date night ever – with yourself.

As Oscar Wilde once said, “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” So rather than a night out in uncomfortable heels making boring small-talk, wondering if he’ll pay or you’ll end up going Dutch…why not spend a night in spoiling that special certain someone – you.

Slip into something more comfortable
We all know the date night classic line “let me slip into something more comfortable” and those baggy, faded sweatpants are just the trick. Whether it’s for work or our social life we often spend so much time making sure we look ‘just right’, but on date night you don’t have to. By snuggling up in your favourite fluffy socks and wearing that eight-year-old Elmo t-shirt (sans bra), you get to escape the critical eye of the outside world and can just relax and enjoy being super comfy. After all, there’s something luxurious (and glamorous) about giant knickers and a headband. And just like wearing the right gym-gear can make you keen for a workout, so too can changing into your loved-and-lived-in pajamas help you change gears and unwind.

Indulge in something delicious
Dinner and a movie is a date night tradition, but when you’re spoiling yourself, keep the indulgence – but save yourself the hassle of venturing out. Take a moment to think about what your favourite foods and flicks are without pandering to someone else’s dietary requirements or obsession with Wolverine. It’s an opportunity to really enjoy yourself, so don’t stress about calories in the camembert or the cost of the Chianti and just go with what feels good.

For me – it’s the ultimate Holy Trinity: Ben, Jerry and Ryan Gosling (ice cream and eye candy? I’m only human). I love a bit of girl-power in films, so anything from Bridget Jones to Easy A is a winner. Otherwise, get stuck in with a marathon series of Downton Abbey or Girls.

Films not your thing? Then snuggle up with a good book. Just because it’s date night doesn’t mean you have to read a Mills and Boon but I can’t think of a better solo date than a glass of wine, candles and a fab read while Rod Stewart croons away in the background.

Studies have shown that reading is one of the most effective ways of beating stress – and when combined with other spoils you’re bound to feel the benefits.  Reading is also shown to encourage a good night’s sleep, so perfect TLC if you’re feeling rundown. My latest favourite is A Casual Vacancy, J.K Rowling’s village drama.

Pamper your date
If you’re the productive type, this is the perfect time to catch up on a little beauty maintenance. Something as simple as a face steam over a bowl of almost-boiling water and lemon wedges followed by a clay mask can do wonders for your complexion while helping you feel languid and lovely. Paint your nails, shape your brows, rub some fancy oils into your cuticles; do whatever that makes you feel divine.

And skip the guilt because it’s not all aesthetic benefits, studies have shown that taking care of yourself work to nurture your self esteem and sense of self, which beyond making you feel great, has positive effects on both stress levels and depression.

So for the best date ever, stay in with a super-hottie – you.

Kate Jones blogs about writing and pop culture at Calvicle Capitalism.

Dating Tips for the First Date

First dates are nervous. That’s no lie. However, with some dating help, you can totally get back into the dating scene without having a meltdown beforehand. Dating is supposed to be enjoyable, so relax. Breathe. Follow these dating tips that will get you through the butterflies of the first date and if you like them, hopefully a second date!

Dress appropriately
The first thing you need to decide is what you are going to wear. Dress for the date: if you go to a movie wearing a little black dress and sky-high stilettos, you may give off the wrong impression (high maintenance, much?). Look amazing but dress for whatever it is that you’ve planned for the date.

Be decisive
There is nothing worse than having a date with someone who can’t make a decision. You may believe that leaving decisions up to the other person is polite or flattering, but being completely indecisive can work against you when it comes to the first date (and beyond). Take action and take control. If there are some options for activities handed to you, pick one! It will save the hassle of going back and forth asking, “Well, I don’t know…what do you want to do?”

Tell him about you – and listen
The conversion throughout the date should be equal. Let him tell you about himself, and you do the same. Don’t only throw a ton of questions at him like he’s being interrogated. Let him know what you are all about as well. Be gregarious and charismatic and share funny stories. Be honest but remember to have fun and don’t take yourself too seriously.

The bill
Oh, that moment when the bill comes. Are they going to pay for it? Should you? What if we go splits? Seems like everyone has an opinion (just read the comments in our recent article Who Should Pay on the First Date?). Stop the questions buzzing through your head and handle the bill gracefully. What we suggest is waiting for him to make a move for it and when he does, reach for your purse and see how he reacts.If he insists on paying, then of course, don’t argue with him and simply say thank you. If he doesn’t pay for it, split the bill and pay for half.

The next day
After the first date, the worst thing that you can do is blow up his phone with text messages and phone calls. Let him come to you. There is nothing sexy about being classified as a “Stage 5 Clinger”. If a man is interested, they will get in touch with you. If he didn’t have fun, move on to the next and don’t worry about reaching out to him.

What are your best first date tips?

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